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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, i currently evaluating differen systems for building a page to sell video courses and other payed membership content. So you would get some free content after the registration and you can switch the account to a payed membership to read articles, watch videos and so on. There should be also content that is deliverd after X amount of days (which i think is not a problem with pw) As a Processwire fan , it would be cool to build it with PW, but on the downside PW has no ready to go membershipsystem with payment for all in germany common payment forms. On the other side there a plenty of plugins for wordpress exactly for this need. So i'm asking if someone has already experiences with this stuff and can help a little to evaluate the effort it takes. Can someone recomment a payment service that works well with PW? - so i quess a service that is builded to work with PHP in genereal.
  2. Hi folks, I have been using PW for a while; and on every build it seems to perform really well and always have the ability to do what I need. Thanks everyone! I have a site coming up that I want to be involved in but it has some features that I feel PW won't be able to handle... Here's the list... Time banking system, interactive map, complex search criteria, calendar/events, login/registration states with payment (subscription?) and profile, front end profile views, internal messaging systems with approval levels and news Most of these I know I can handle, but the ones I am unsure of are time banking system, login/registration states with payment (subscription) and profile, front end profile views and internal messaging systems with approval levels. Has anyone ever had any experience with the above? Do you think any of this is possible on PW? I know I am asking a lot of questions but any help would be appreciated. I think most things are self-explanatory but the time-banking system, I'm assuming at this stage, is essentially a bit of a messaging platform where you post requests, record hours and have a statement of those hours. The best example I could find seems to be from the 90s, but to be fair it seems robust (http://hourworld.org/_TimeAndTalents.htm) Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Cheers, R
  3. Hello everyone, I just made a website and created the cms using Processwire. It was really great to set up and I can configure it just the way I want it which is perfect. Now this site has 1 main product to sell in 4 colors. My question now is, how do I create a checkout for the visitors with easy payment such as Paypal and iDeal (I live in holland). I'm not to familiair with PHP to create a whole checkout form which is save enough and with a data system for all the customers myself. So I thought I would only use the shopping cart and catalog function of Prestashop. But how exactly can I set that up? I was thinking about permalinks. So that customers on my site can select the product and how many they want and after that they get linked right to the checkout page from Prestashop with the exact price and that they only have to fill in their info. Do you guys have suggestions on this? Kind regards, Joris
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