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Found 83 results

  1. Hi Guys, have a site in a sub-domain /blog/ and moved it out to / and the site works but the admin section wont allow me to login, wondering if this is usual and if there would be any reason for this? I've moved the .htaccess file with the site and checked the password is correct in the database. Any help would be awesome, thanks
  2. I'm trying to wrap my head around how to implement a members only section of a site where specific content could be delivered to a site visitor based on their login credentials. For example, "Sarah" logins and she sees content only specified for her and "Bob" logins and sees only content for him, and so on. And it would also need to be easy for the site administrator to easily add the login credentials, and then also easily add content for that user. I have a client who wants to be able to share videos with potential customers and they don't want the general public to see these videos. I have done a PW site that has a members only section, but everyone sees the same content since they have the same login info. I'm thinking that I would have to have the site admin be able to add a new role to a user to be able to view a page specific to them. Can this be done with PW and if so, does anyone have suggestions as to how I can implement this? Thanks!
  3. Lately I’ve been building a little script for a local journalist who manages a open Google Docs spreadsheet where Swiss journalists can enter there social media data like Twitter names etc. The script updates a Twitter list with the collected Twitter names in the spreadsheet, means it gets the document feed through Google Docs API and updates the list through Twitter API. Long story short I’ve been dealing with the oauth authentication mechanism. I started thinking about creating a module for PW to connect user accounts with oauth providers like Twitter. Could be helpful in more community focussed projects.
  4. Hi, after an image upload my processwire site http://www.cosascegli.it go to refresh... i've tried to enter with http://www.cosascegli.it/processwire/ with my pc with 4 browsers and with another pc but don't go!!! I'm sure 100% that user and password are ok... what is the problem? I don't have message on screen about the login, only a fast refresh... Can be a problem with the session/cache? I've see database and i haven't see problems... now there are a lot of problems in the site, specially in the language system...
  5. I'm getting a "Login Failed" error message after migrating from a VPS to a shared server. This is my first PW site. Could this be a file permissions problem?
  6. I'm trying to get started on user logins. I have read quite a few topics but came up against a small problem. On my header.inc file I have the following code: <ul id="login"> <?php if ($user->isLoggedin()) { ?> <li>Welcome, <?php echo $user->name; ?></li> <li><a href="<?php $session->logout(); ?>">Logout</a></li> <?php } else { ?> <li><a href="<?php echo $config->urls->admin; ?>">Sign-in</a></li> <li>Register</li> <?php } ?> </ul><!-- /#login --> My only aim at the moment is that once logged-in the site will know that the current user (session?) has certain permissions so that when they click on "member-only" pages they will have access. Currently I can get them to login via the admin backend (I may want to change this to my own custom login template) and then the page they are on shows "Welcome, username) so they are logged-in, however when I click to another page they seem to be logged-out again? Is this default behaviour? Should I be going about this in a different way? Thanks guys.
  7. Hello all. I want to link to pw admin from a web page on my site, in wich a user is already logged in. How can I pass the credentials to avoid pw firing the login page? Thanks,
  8. Hi all! I have a site with PW running just fine for some time now, but today I can't login. I put my credentials and there's no error, just the login form reloaded. I used other user's logins and the same happens. Where should I start looking to fix this? I have access to the server (obviously) but not total control over it. Maybe there's something in the server that triggered this. I've read some topics about this and there's no sessions log files to erase (as some suggested). My concern is that I haven't updated this site or changed any file via FTP for some time, just regular PW powered backend editing. I'm using PW 2.1, btw. thanks a lot!
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