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  1. Hi, I have just installed the product and my MySQL setup is using Named Pipes. I found that the install.php had a bit of an issue with this so I made some changes. Hope these'll help somebody and maybe make it into the product. Other than the install script, the rest seemed to work fine with the named pipe. Line 218: has: if(!isset($values['dbPass'])) $values['dbPass'] = ini_get("mysqli.default_pw"); added: if(!isset($values['dbSocket'])) $values['dbSocket'] = ini_get("mysqli.default_socket"); line 233: has: $this->input('dbPort', 'DB Port', $values['dbPort'], true); added: $this->input('dbSocket', 'DB Socket', $values['dbSocket'], true); line 275: was: $fields = array('dbUser', 'dbName', 'dbPass', 'dbHost', 'dbPort'); became: $fields = array('dbUser', 'dbName', 'dbPass', 'dbHost', 'dbPort', 'dbSocket'); line 283: was: if(!$values['dbUser'] || !$values['dbName'] || !$values['dbPort']) { became: if(!$values['dbUser'] || !$values['dbName'] || !( $values['dbPort'] || $values['dbSocket']) ) { line 289: was: $mysqli = new mysqli($values['dbHost'], $values['dbUser'], $values['dbPass'], $values['dbName'], $values['dbPort']); became: $mysqli = new mysqli($values['dbHost'], $values['dbUser'], $values['dbPass'], $values['dbName'], $values['dbPort'], $values['dbSocket']); line 336: had: "\n\$config->dbPort = '$values[dbPort]';" . added: "\n\$config->dbSocket = '" . addslashes($values['dbSocket']) ."';" . This seemed to do the trick for me. Hope it helps somebody. -g
  2. Hi all, is there a difference between the mod_rewrite module of Apache and $_SERVER['REDIRECT_HTTP_MOD_REWRITE'] or $_ENV['REDIRECT_HTTP_MOD_REWRITE']? Processwire fails to detect mod_rewrite, but $_SERVER/$_ENV['REDIRECT_HTTP_MOD_REWRITE'] is "on". Does it have to do with Apache running as FastCGI? I'm totally stuck here, because every other system using rewrites works fine on the machine, only Processwire fails. From phpinfo(): $_ENV["REDIRECT_HTTP_MOD_REWRITE"] On $_SERVER["REDIRECT_HTTP_MOD_REWRITE"] On Thanks for any hint! Thomas
  3. Hi there, I have successfully installed the latest version of Processwire (2.3.0) and as I entered the cms login information and moved to the next page, it returned me the following error: Error: Exception: (in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Database.php line 118) This error message was shown because Superuser has never logged in. Error has been logged. I have tried again and again, but with no success. Can anyone help me please? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, just installed PW 2.3 on a new Server. The Website works fine but the backend (/processwire) drops this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /var/www/vhosts/seo-wiesn.de/httpdocs/process/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageSearch/ProcessPageSearch.module on line 176 What can it be? Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to build my own install file to be able to start every new PW install with a fixed number of fields, So far I've dumped my previous PW database into a .SQL file and included it in the install.sql, during the install it nicely imports all my database settings into my newly installed database but I do have a problem with the admin user, when I try to login I get a any ideas how I can fix this or copy a database into a new install profile?
  6. Hi, Having installation problems with a new host. I used the site profile exporter to pull my site from another host, and installed on a new hosting space. I got this message at the Compatibility Check stage: fail: ICONV Support I pushed on regardless and it seemed to install OK. I can get into the admin but when I go to edit a page I get this error: Error: Call to undefined function iconv() (line 149 of /home/fagerhu/public_html/pw/wire/core/Sanitizer.php) This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. Anyone seen this before? Alex
  7. So I'm trying to install processwire on my local testing server. I downloaded a fresh copy of the pw files into a local folder, then used dreamweaver ftp to upload them to a folder in WAMP. After hitting the "continue" button in the MySQL database/File permissions setup page, the install guide freezes for a long time and chrome just says "waiting for localhost" at the bottom left. Then, after a while, I get this blank processwire install page: Any ideas as to what is going on? I'm pretty sure I created a database table and user right. Here are the credentials I entered: DB Name: processwire DB User: godfrey DB Pass: ..... DB Host: localhost DB Port: 80 (changed from 3306) Also pretty sure I set up my user privileges right:
  8. Hi After a clean install of pw2.3, i had to set up RewriteBase /subdirectory to have admin work. But for the front end i don't get any css ... but template seems to work (menu ok, related pages..) What could be the reason ? It's on a 1and1 host. REDIRECT_HTTP_MOD_REWRITE On Regards.
  9. Hello, I copied my 2.2.14 install from my MAMP server to the web server where it will eventually reveal itself to the world. Everything works except for the image field function. I can select an image to upload and have it recognized by the system, though there is no description field -- probably a vital clue. I click Save, look at the admin page again -- no image. I've done all the troubleshooting I can think of: The permissions on the Assets directory and directories within are 755. The image field type & inputfield type is Image. The number of rows for the description field is 1. I deleted the cache from the dev server. I'm pretty sure there's a simple answer for this. Could someone please provide it? Many thanks, Cliff
  10. Hi, while exploring PW from the filesystem I've found 'Http.php' and as of my difficultys when starting with PW, I was wondering why not sending a HTTP-HEAD-Request to the admin-page-url at the end of the install process and inform the user if .htaccess isn't configured the right way. So, I was a bit wiser after opening the class-file: there was no support in it for HEAD, only GET and POST. As I've build a own http-client-class a hundred years ago, it was not much work to implement the HEAD-method as well. (added 1 Line) Maybe it should be added a http->status(url-to-adminpage)-check at end of install-routine to inform the user if it responses other than 200. (at least a link to apropriate forum-topic or provide direct information how to solve that) ---- Edit/Added: Every few days a new user run into same problem look at this post and the following two. (I really can feal the pain he has). And all the helpful people here try to explain how to solve it everytime and again and again. So, if it is not a kind of test to new users, the install-routine should solve that for them, and other as I've mentioned above, it should/could be done in the background, because everything needed is the .htaccess-file which is created by PW itself and some HTTP-Requests. If default install is 404 for admin page: compare $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] with install folder of PW and write appropriate Path as RewriteBase into .htaccess-file and check again. If it responses '200 OK' now, - fine. If not, - tell user that there are Problems with this and point him to Forum-FAQ. So, if it is actually a test to the new users weakness or strength with stressy situations, ok - any admin/moderator should silently delete this post and I never will ask again. ---- --- In API I have not found how we can use the WireHttp-class, (Searchphrases like HTTP and Request etc are not very useful) Can someone point me to it please?
  12. Hi, I have had a problem installing processwire, I had some compatibility problems during install (see screen grab) but tried to push through as I know sometimes they are not critical. After entering an admin username and password I got the admin page but with no page tree, when I navigate to my folder where I installed processwire the page is completely blank. The web host is running PHP 5.1.6, I asked them to upgrade to at least 5.2.4 and they have said: "We have an update from our service engineer, they advised that this is shared web hosting and they do not do any upgrade for one user. The web server platform is using zeus not apache." In addition I had to ask them to create a database, they do not give open access to create your owbases. Can anyone confirm for me its likely the version of PHP holding me back here, also is the zeus server a problem also? Should I expect better from the web host? Regards, Alex
  13. I was wondering if there is a way to install processwire without the default pages? I find myself deleting the default fields, templates, etc. I remember the on the old versions of modx when installing you would have to option to install with default data or without. What about implementing that?
  14. Hi, In trying to find a good host for a PW based site, I'm trying out a host (Westhost) that has the suhosin security extension. After figuring out that suhosin doesn't allow php scripts to run with their group write bit is on, I got to the end of the installer. Once the install completed, I got the basic "Unable to complete this request due to an error. " when trying to access any PW powered page. Has anyone come up against this in the past and found a solution? Thanks.
  15. Quick question! I have everything prepared. I created the web locally with my MAMP. So I have a web working perfectly with CMS processwire, locally. I want to upload this to a hosting server. I suppose I have to install again processwire in this server, or not?. UPloading all these files via FTP to the online server will be enough? Or if I upload via FTP all my files I will still have to create all the fileds again in the online hosting? Or will thee settings be automatic? Pleas let me know what I would have to do? Thank you very much! Dani
  16. Hi, I am trying to install processwire in a subfolder, getting the following messages on the install page: Unable to determine if Apache mod_rewrite (required by ProcessWire) is installed. On some servers, we may not be able to detect it until your .htaccess file is place. Please click the 'check again' button at the bottom of this screen, if you haven't already. Unable to determine server software. It may be okay to continue, but note that ProcessWire is only developed for Apache at present. The web host has changed the server from Zeus to Litespeed but i still get the same messages. Have had a look around the forums and a few mentions of ammending the .htaccess file but I don't really know my way around that area. Alex
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