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  1. Having difficulty finding this question previously asked, but here goes: I'm following Macrura's tutorial for creating custom menus (where the menus aren't a reflection of the site's page hierarchy). As a first step, I've created a page called Menus with children that use a template with a Pages field type. This is set to use PageListSelect as the input type, which lets me pick a specific page in the hierarchy from any parent tree. Is it possible to exclude certain pages from being selectable in the tree? It notes that I can't use PageListSelect and restrict by page template, so how else might I go about it? These pages are already set to be "Hidden: Excluded from lists and searches" so I'm not sure why they still appear in the list of selectable pages?
  2. I've tried searching the forum in case this was already asked, so sorry if I'm duplicating questions here: I want to pick a page from a dropdown so I can associate it with a content type. I created a "Page" type field, but it populates only top-level parents in the dropdown. How would you go about listing all pages and their children instead?
  3. I have a Concat field whose name i just tried to change was: query_pages attempted: query_subpages After the failure shown below, the prior name still exists, and no reference to the new name I attempted. Result: ProcessField: Saved Field - query_subpages TemplateFile: Can't find file: '.\pwire\field_query_pages.frm' (errno: 2 - No such file or directory) RENAME TABLE `field_query_pages` TO `tmp_field_query_subpages` #0 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Fields.php(187): Database->query('RENAME TABLE `f...')#1 [internal function]: Fields->___save(Object(Field))#2 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(271): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)#3 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(229): Wire->runHooks('save', Array)#4 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Field.php(231): Wire->__call('save', Array)#5 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Field.php(231): Fields->save(Object(Field))#6 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\modules\Process\ProcessField\ProcessField.module(741): Field->save()#7 [internal function]: ProcessField->___executeSave()#8 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(271): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)#9 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(229): Wire->runHooks('executeSave', Array)#10 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\ProcessController.php(194): Wire->__call('executeSave', Array)#11 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\ProcessController.php(194): ProcessField->executeSave()#12 [internal function]: ProcessController->___execute()#13 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(271): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)#14 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(229): Wire->runHooks('execute', Array)#15 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\admin.php(45): Wire->__call('execute', Array)#16 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\admin.php(45): ProcessController->execute()#17 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\templates-admin\controller.php(13): require('C:\dev\xampp\ht...')#18 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\site\templates\admin.php(13): require('C:\dev\xampp\ht...')#19 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\TemplateFile.php(125): require('C:\dev\xampp\ht...')#20 [internal function]: TemplateFile->___render()#21 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(271): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)#22 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(229): Wire->runHooks('render', Array)#23 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\modules\PageRender.module(250): Wire->__call('render', Array)#24 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\modules\PageRender.module(250): TemplateFile->render()#25 [internal function]: PageRender->___renderPage(Object(HookEvent))#26 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(271): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)#27 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(229): Wire->runHooks('renderPage', Array)#28 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(293): Wire->__call('renderPage', Array)#29 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(293): PageRender->renderPage(Object(HookEvent))#30 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(229): Wire->runHooks('render', Array)#31 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\modules\Process\ProcessPageView.module(97): Wire->__call('render', Array)#32 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\modules\Process\ProcessPageView.module(97): Page->render()#33 [internal function]: ProcessPageView->___execute()#34 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(271): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)#35 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\wire\core\Wire.php(229): Wire->runHooks('execute', Array)#36 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\index.php(192): Wire->__call('execute', Array)#37 C:\dev\xampp\htdocs\pwire\index.php(192): ProcessPageView->execute()#38 {main}
  4. I want to check if there are elements uploaded in a field. why does this simple code: <?php if ($page->field_name){ echo "<img src='{$config->urls->templates}ditib-img/dummy.gif' width='1200' height='600'>"; } else{ echo "<img src='{$config->urls->templates}ditib-img/dummy.gif' width='800' height='240'>"; } ?> only throw me the first choice? No matter if there are images uploaded to the (images type) field or not.
  5. I've recently noticed that some of my pages failed the html5 validator because ampersands (&) were just printed as-is. I tried to set the field to "encode htmlentities", but the ampersand now prints as "&". What am I doing wrong? What is the prefered way to deal with this? I've been having the same issue with title fields, text fields and WYSIWYG fields.
  6. I copies the Skyscrapers field entry data almost to the 'T' when creating my PW project. I created new pages/subpages for the drop down data to choose from and now I want to give a new page the option of selecting from one of those drop down of those categories. All looks good. I go from a drop down tree list of my pages, select the page I want to categorize the page with and then hit save ... but nothing stores in the database and when I come back I have to select it again. Also if I choose 'select' instead of PageListSelect I see a drop down containing nothing in the page when creating a new one. Is there some kind of programming needed to be able to store PageListSelect data? Thanks.
  7. I just started with PW and I've gotten the hang of things quite easily but whenever I make a new field it doesn't not appear on the user side of the template. I can manage the field content in the admin section but nothing appears but the title and body on the user side. Is there a permissions/roles function that I have to change? Is there something in the PHP template files I need to change? Thanks.
  8. Well, there is the obvious way: if($page->title == "some unwanted title") { echo $page->headline; } else { echo $page->title; } What I'd prefer is: echo $page->get('title!="some unwanted title"|headline'); but that does not work, is there something wrong with it or is it just not supported?
  9. I often thought about the ability to provide an easy way to install themes like in e.g. Wordpress. Reading the docs about template files, an idea came to me, how this might be possible: Use another layer between template, template files und the connection to the fields. The workflow would be: Declare the use of fields in the template file with their type When creating the template in admin, the declared fields are read in and the user could connect it to his own fields ProcessWire must handle the cloning of the reusable fields on runtime Does this sound serious to anyone? Or do you think this is not possible, achievable or desirable? I know it adds kind of a templating language and another level of abstraction, but for the goal of easy templating this may be not a major drawback, thinking of small business websites or blogs. Using this for reusable template themes, would bring a lot more attention from less php-skilled user and help spread ProcessWire in general. Designers could built their themes and an average user could use that to built his own site.
  10. Galaxy


    I am very new to ProcessWire so please excuse my ignorance, but I'd like an opinion on the best way to set up tabbed info that displays on each page for a directory type website. I have successfully created blocks of repeater fields so each page (a child page of "Organisations" which is a single Organisation) can have details such as contact person, physical address, postal address, attached files etc. The fields work nicely on the admin side of the site but I am at a loss on how to get these to display through a template. I'm ashamed to say the best I've done so far is list all the repeater fileds using: foreach($page->fields as $field) echo $field->name . ", "; In my case it displays the actual repeater fieldset names like so: "applicant_details, primary_contact, secondary_contact, address, postal," I'd like each of these to be a tab with relevant fields in each eg. Applicant Details (tab 1) - Organisation name - Sector Primary Contact (tab 2) - First name - Lastname - Email - Phone Secondary Contact (tab 3) - First name - Lastname - Email - Phone Address (tab 4) - Address 1 - Address 2 - Town/City - Postcode Postal Address (tab 5) - Postal address 1 - Postal address 2 - Town/City - Postcode Note: I have set up all these fields within repeater sets. I just can't get them to display through the template.
  11. Hi! I am finally (after months of delay due to other projects) building my first site with ProcessWire. As I delve into documentation and experiment with various settings, I stumbled upon a problem of how to structure the relationship between fields and templates properly. Let's say I will start with establishing a basic structure for blogging. This means at least two templates: for tags/categories and for posts themselves. I assume each template will have main body text. For posts it will be the content of the article, for tags - a description of a tag. I could approach this in two ways: by creating a general field called, say, "main-body" and adding it to both templates or by creating two separate fields, "post-body" and "tag-body". Their function would be the same but each of them would be used for a different template. Now, here is my (obvious by now, I guess) question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches? Take care!
  12. Hello! I have pages of "companies", each company can have multiple addresses and multiple projects. I add them as sub-pages. To distinguish them I would like to preceed them in the List with "Address: " and "Project: " - in order to better distinguish them. Is it possible? At the moment I just use "template" to output the template name but would be nicer for the client to customize it further. Anyone knows how? Something like: Audi - Address: Somestreet. 99, 12053 City - Address: Another street 99, 12053 City - Address: Yetanotherstreet. 99, 12053 City - Project: XY 2011 - Project: TT 2013 you get the idea I guess. How do you handle pages/entities with multiple different subpages of different types? I didnt want to use repeaters as its a little bit annoying when you have a lot of items. and the documentation says they are not "infinitly scalable"... thx for suggestions, good process!
  13. Hey everyone, say I want to store invoices as pages inside PW, for later referral and storage as a scanned document, and to relate the items (themselves stored independently) listed on the invoice to the invoice. Say I have a template for invoices and have to use the title field. Really, I don't want to give every invoice a name, title or other identifier - they come complete with the firm that sent the invoice, an invoice number and a date. These three really are enough to identify any invoice. What to do with the title field? In my envisioned system, it is pretty much useless, but PW forces me to come up with a name for each invoice. Can I circumvent this? Can I somehow autoconstruct the title from the other inputs? Thanks a lot for any suggestion!
  14. I am starting to use processwire and really liking it but having one issue which i wanted to ask help for. i am working on a directory type of site that consists of two types of information groups for now: Organizations (different types of organizations in different industries) People (different types of people who are in most cases affiliated with the organizations above) I want to create a relationship between the two types so i can list different people that are (or were) part of the organization and was initially able to do this simply by doing a page (lookup) field which i included in one of the above templates/pages to look up the other group. E.g. lookup people in the organization page. However this was too simple for my needs and i also wanted to be able to put related information (e.g. the person's title at the organization, when they started, when they left etc). So an intermediate type of place would be needed to store this which i was not sure how to do. So it would have to be a many-to-many relationship where more attributes about the relationship can be added. I also wanted an easy way to add more relationships (e.g. from the organization page, i want to be able to add more people that work or worked for the organization and also add more details like the title they have in the organization etc). Similarly also under a person's profile, i want to list the organizations he/she is (or was affiliated with). I know this is possible in PW, if someone could please point a novoice like me in the right direction on how to do this or please let me know if more information is needed. Thanks, Binit
  15. Often deal with alot of differing fields on a edit page and was wondering if it would be possible to get a way of grouping fields within a template. E.g. title and body fields open, extra options group of fields closed containing other page fields, date, summary, etc etc
  16. Hi guys and gals! I'm pretty new to ProcessWire, and trying to figure out as much as I can myself, but I'm totally stuck on this little piece though. • I've got a one-page scrollable site, and am using hashtags to jump to the next area (which is incidentally of course also a $page) • what I'm looking to do is link the next-page to an href, so I figured I could use $page->next, but that gives me a number (1007 in this case). Same goes for the siblings. What I thought would happen would be the following; just as $page->name gives me the current name (and thus the current hashtag) I figured 'next' would give me the name of the 'next' page. But I probably didn't do my homework. $page->next->name gives me 1007->name so that clearly isn't working. So to end this query: How do I get the name of the next page displayed so I can use it in my href? thanks for the help! p.s.: ->next is shown here: http://processwire.com/api/variables/page/ but not here: http://processwire.com/api/cheatsheet/
  17. Hi I am pretty new to processwire and it is really growing on me, even though I am not a programmer. One of the things I really appreciate is the freedom and simplicity of the administration structure. However, I think there are a couple of things that could help navigation, and one of those is categorization of templates and fields. This is not intended to be categories for the layout of the site or categorization of data, but simply an optional way of keeping things sorted in the backend if the site gets a bit on the large size. In affect, it would just add another way of sorting fields and templates. For instance, you may want to group fields together that are associated with a repeater, or you may want to group fields together that you tend to use as all-purpose fields like "title" and "image" Anything you wanted really. For many sites, this might be a little bit of overkill, but if a site has a huge number of fields or templates, then this could be useful. Not a major request, just a "nice to have" sort of thing. Joss
  18. Is it possible to replicate a field in a template? Let me give an example. 1) I create a field named "article" (textarea multi language) 2) I insert the field "article" in a new template "page news" 3) I create a new page with the template "page news" 4) I enter my body, title, and ... 5) I want to put 3 fields "article", another page in 5 fields "articles", in another 20 fields "article" and so on ... using the same template. there is a method? FIND NOW -> http://processwire.com/api/fieldtypes/repeaters/ Thank u...
  19. General question about processwire, when I create a float field and insert data system truncates the decimal point, and this is not obvious if I type the numbers 2.090000 ... But if I want to: - 2 exact decimal (eg 2.40 / 69.70 -> now instead of 2.4 / 69.7) - And always keep at least 2 decimal places (eg 2,00 / 69,00 -> instead I out 2/69) where can I do? I can choose how many decimal places to round off the menu (in fact, I put 2), but I would like to, just for the field, keep the zeros and rounding to 2 decimal places ... Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi! I have a problem when grouping multiple fields with the FieldSetOpen and close fields. I am attaching some screenshots because I think the issue will be much more clear. The nesting is weird, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or if I am using it wrong. I can't have 2 separate field groups, and when I have one group, all the fields get nested. Even when I have 2 FieldSetOpen/Close groups, one group gets nested onto the other. I'll appreciate any help on the matter!
  21. I’m working on my first ProcessWire project and so far I’m really glad that I found this CMS But I discovered that nesting a Fieldset into a FieldsetTab doesn’t work. I tested it with and without the custom admin theme – with the same result. That’s how part of the fields I use in the template look like: There’s a new tab “seo_tab” which contains the fieldset “seo_serp” and a few fields before and after this fieldset. But the result doesn’t look like intended: The fieldset “seo_serp” doesn’t end where it should end. Instead it also covers all the following fields. Any mistake I made? Or is this a bug?
  22. One more selector challenge to face: Currently I'm trying to show a list of pages which's common template owns a “confirmed” field set to true or false and a “user” page reference field. I need to select all pages that are confirmed OR owned by the user currently logged in, even if they aren't confirmed. And all this paginated and sorted by creation date. When I'm not totally wrong, there is just “,” as kind of an AND operator, but not OR but for cases like “title|headline=value”. Or did I miss something here?
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