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Found 127 results

  1. Hi, I've discovered PW recently and I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm used to build artist portfolios with the Indexhibit2 CMS and I was wondering if it would be possible to replicate one of its features in PW. In Indexhibit2 you can upload many media types (images, local and external videos, sounds, etc...) to a page and then reorder them if you want. I know that PW has a multiple image field. My question is, would it be possible to modify it to allow adding other media type items to it? Is there an exisiting module out there for this? Thanks in advance
  2. I've stumbled upon a weird issue with repeaters. I've created a repeaterfield with only a title field and assigned it to a template. When I create the first page everything goes well, but then when I'm creating additional pages I'm getting this error: ProcessPageAdd: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'for-page-23947-23799' for key 'name_parent_id' I'm not getting redirected (probably because of the error, but the page does get created with the RepeaterField correctly). The problem seems to exist in the file FieldtypeRepeater.module in the function 'getRepeaterPageParent'. I've modified the file to see what actually happens and it looks like the function doesn't find the required page of saves the page correctly. protected function getRepeaterPageParent(Page $page, Field $field) { $repeaterParent = $this->getRepeaterParent($field); $parent = $repeaterParent->child('name=' . self::repeaterPageNamePrefix . $page->id . ', include=all'); $this->message("L".__LINE__." | selectorresult: ".$parent->id); if($parent->id) return $parent; $parent = new Page(); $parent->template = $repeaterParent->template; $this->message("L".__LINE__." | template: ".$repeaterParent->template); $this->message("L".__LINE__." | parent: ".$repeaterParent->path); $parent->parent = $repeaterParent->id; $parent->name = self::repeaterPageNamePrefix . $page->id; $parent->title = $page->name; $parent->addStatus(Page::statusSystem); // exit early if a field is in the process of being deleted // so that a repeater page parent doesn't get automatically re-created if($this->deletePageField === $field->parent_id){ return $parent; } $parent->save(); $this->message("L".__LINE__." | looking for: ".self::repeaterPageNamePrefix . $page->id); $this->message("L".__LINE__." | current for: ".$parent->name); $this->message("L".__LINE__." | Created Repeater Page Parent: NAME={$parent->name} a " . $parent->path, Notice::debug); return $parent; } See the attachment for the output. IMO the second time FieldtypeRepeater: L574 | should output the previously created page... Anyone has an idea what's going wrong? I'm on the latest master branch.
  3. Is PW capable of uploading already uploaded image on image field? Just like like a feature that editor using.
  4. I'm use inputfieldForm module for custom form at front-end on my project and except CFRS there is necessary an input Captcha, it would be healthy if it is available in modules by default!
  5. Hello, I'm trying to create a template that have a field for storing what user modified it. So when editing a page I could have a Single Selection for users. I used a page field with a parent of Users. but when I try to save it says " Page 3234 is not valid for owner" Thanks for any help.
  6. In another topic Ryan introduced a simple module to extend the functionality of the image input field. I want to go a little bit further by extending the description textarea with the usage of the Markup fields and editors, configurable in the image extra input. I tried to copy some parts from the other input fields but don't get it to work properly. In the end I would like to have an image input field with title and description, where the description should use markdown extra and the ace editor textarea field. Anyone who can help me with that?
  7. Can't believe I don't know this but is there any way of accessing a date/time of when a field was added/modified as opposed to the page itself? Or would I need to create an additional field to map times to another field's events? Thanks.
  8. I need the equivalent of a auto_increment mysql field for user_id's. In mysql, it's a setting of the field. How do I accomplish this with processwire. Thanks, Aloha
  9. For example: It is necessary for you that all photos in galleries of "participants" would be in jpeg. But different types are allowed for loading, and all of them will be cut off in compliance with the type. I suggest to choose expansion in which the reduced copies of the image will be converted, it can be both control for a field, and expansion for API Image $image->ext() //jpg $newImage = $image->ext('png') $newImage->ext() //canonical png convert
  10. I think that is very useful to set mandatory fields depending on the selected template. Now, the same field can be used in different templates, ask them different postural signature, and in fact it would be nice and labeled in different templates which of these fields are required!
  11. I am developing a little app for my university to pass it, the problem is to count some number, i used field page for select stuff in my Template AddProject i have 4 fields beside name and title template AddProject with field ------- Field "SelectUSer" (user1, user2, user3) this field / page / Single page (Page) or boolean false when none selected ------- Field "SelectStatus" (Active, Inactive) this field / page / Single page (Page) or boolean false when none selected ------- Field "SelectProf" (Name, Name2, Name3) this field / page / Single page (Page) or boolean false when none selected ------- Field "SelectSource" (10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100) this Field is Select not page and i have a page when i list projects ListProject ----------Project 1 ------------Field "SelectUSer" (user1) ------------Field "SelectStatus" (Active) ------------Field "SelectProf" (Name) ------------Field "SelectSource" (20) ----------Project 2 ------------Field "SelectUSer" (user2) ------------Field "SelectStatus" (Active) ------------Field "SelectProf" (Name2) ------------Field "SelectSource" (50) ----------Project 3 ------------Field "SelectUSer" (user3) ------------Field "SelectStatus" (Active) ------------Field "SelectProf" (Name3) ------------Field "SelectSource" (80) i want to query Project 1 | User1 | Active | Name | 20 Project 2 | User2 | Active | Name2 | 50 Project 3 | User3 | Active | Name3 | 80 also query for user to grab field related to user and page user1 | Active | and Field SelectSource to get number from pages which have selected user1 or other user
  12. Hello, I would like to have access control per field and wonder if this lies within the capacity of PW. Situation: Certain fields in the backend form for certain pages should only be visible to certain users. A regular user might fill data in fields title, fulltext etc. An admin user has additional fields available like meta_description etc. I'm fairly new to PW and can find access options in the template setup. But not in the fields setup. Is there a way to achieve this in PW? Thank you gerhard
  13. Hi there, When I upload my files on the image field, it changes their name and uploads a file with a different name. In this case I am building a Retina ready site and I really need these files t be uploaded as they are. Their names end with '@2x', so 'file@2x.png' could be an example, but when I upload it, the file that appears on the assets/files/ folder is named 'file_2x.png'. How can I control this? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I've got two templates that need some of the same fields. So, is it possible to get a field value from another template? So when I update on one template, I update on all other fetching this field? Thanks
  15. I have a “related pages” field that list same template’s pages in a SelectMultiple input. This allow to create relations between pages of the same kind. But those relations are not mutual: I would like to get B related to A when I link A to B. Is this possible?
  16. Hi there, Is it possible to make an Image Field store the images on a custom folder? Because my images are being stored in a folder called '1012', how can I change this. Thanks
  17. Is the password field compatible with the "required" option? I only ask because if I make it a required option when editing a page if I haven't changed the password, it throws a required error. Obviously I'd like for the user to be able to leave it blank and leave the password how it is. The problem is if I don't make it required then I may end up without a password at all. Is this something I should look to triggering via a module? Thanks.
  18. Hey guys, I'm jumping ship from WordPress to ProcessWire because PW seems so much easier and intuitive than WP. I am trying to make my portfolio in PW and I am trying to make a custom field. My portfolio is for web design and development and on the portfolio page I want to have a basic image followed by text underneath it. I figured I would try my hand at making a custom field for this, one called "project". So when I query through each project on the page it has an image and a title. I would greatly appreciate any help with this, also if I am approaching this wrong I am 100% open to all suggestions. Thanks!
  19. The 'global' flag for field is great, untill you don't need that field anymore and you have over 30 templates that have that field assigned... It looks like you have to manually edit every template and delete the field from there, save, then check the checkbox to confirm? Is there a way to do this faster? Thanks.
  20. I've just come across a really strange problem where processwire is throwing a 404 error after I enter a value into one of my fields. I'm sure this is probably down to my code. I have a set of fields that when a value is entered some output is echoed to my template. Every field works as expected except the last field which throws the 404 after entering a value and saving the page. Here's the code. <?php $settings = $pages->get("/site-settings/"); if ($settings->social_facebook) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-facebook' href='{$settings->social_facebook}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_twitter) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-twitter' href='{$settings->social_twitter}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_linkedin) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-linkedin' href='{$settings->social_linkedin}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_youtube) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-youtube' href='{$settings->social_youtube}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_picasa) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-picasa' href='{$settings->social_picasa}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_upon) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-stumble' href='{$settings->social_upon}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; ?> I'm guessing there's a better way to write this but not quite sure why it's throwing an error. I've tried deleting and recreating the last field with a different name but it still throws the same error. Can anyone help?
  21. I have an area on my homepage that I want to print data based on a checkbox value in my site settings template. When the box is checked I want to output some HTML. I've tried various combinations of code but can't get it to work. Here's what I have at the moment. <?php $settings = $pages->find("/site-settings/"); if ($settings->mycheckboxfield == 1) echo "<li>This</li>"; ?> Any ideas?
  22. We've home-rolled a front-end profile management page and we've expanded profiles with lots of custom fields. It's working great! Now, I need to allow site members to upload their own profile photo to the default 'avatar' field. Of course, I know how to add a file upload field to the form and work with the file in my target script. But I'm a bit unclear as to how to bridge the gap to populating the avatar field value. Can someone provide a code snippet?
  23. The Page Reference-field seems to create a one-way link from one page to one/many other pages. This means that the related pages will only display on the referring page while not on the referred pages. Is it possible to make a two-way link that can be displayed both on the referring page and the referred pages? My Page Reference field is configured as follows: Deference in API as: Multiple pages (PageArray). Input field type: PageListSelectMultiple (Perhaps it is necessary to use another field type?)
  24. I've been working on a medium-to-large scale project using pw (browsable alumni works and news repository, for a multimedia design school). I assume this kind of project is just what PW was written for: loads of information that can be cross-searched, etc.. And for it to work smoothly, sharing fields is the way to go, of course (do correct me if I'm wrong..) The "problem": some fields acquire diferent roles in different templates ("title" can be a Title or a student name on a student Template), and may benefit from independent descriptions (for setting protocols - specially important on a repository) Multiple field descriptions would be awesome (specific to each template), but I imagine the work that such a change could mean may not be worth it... I haven't explored the DB very deeply, but I assume the description is in a field entry, and would have to be in the field-to-template entry... Or maybe I'm reading it all wrong Any thoughs? Am I completely off the ball park?
  25. I found this problem which I dont know how to solve. I created a field which is a textarea. The client will place her information inside and that will be echoed into the web. Simple and clear. The only thing is that the client has long text so he will create paragraphs. In the box of the textarea in the CMS PW you can create text and with the keyboard ENTER you can make paragraphs. Once saved it still remains with paragraph format as the spaces are respected in processwire. But... In the web you only see one block of text. What method has to be done so the client can create spaces between the text? Thanks Dani
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