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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I really like this module. I was wondering if it is possible to add featured image field to blog posts? I'm sure it is possible but don't know in which template file should I add new image field so it is available in all posts as featured image right after title of post. Thanks.
  2. I have a bunch of child pages added to a parent section called 'Projects'. These are all being looped out on an overview; for example: <?php $projects = $pages->find('template=project-detail, sort=sort'); ?> <?php foreach ($projects as $project) : ?> These pages will become quite long overtime, but I want to add a 'featured' option to them so they add a class to their element if they are 'featured'. Normally I would just add a tickbox so if it's ticked, it adds the class etc. However, as there are going to be so many pages, looking through them all and maintaining this (as the 'featured' option will change often) will get a bit messy. So, I've created a 'Page field' for the overview, so you can choose which pages you want as 'featured' and remove them easily. However, I'm having an issue working out how I can tell the child page that it has been 'chosen' to be featured, if you see what I mean? How can I, within the $projects loop, cross reference it with the 'featured' page field on the overview, and if they match, add a class? For example <?php $featured = $pages->get('template=home')->featured_items; ?> // Getting an array of the featured items <?php $projects = $pages->find('template=project-detail, sort=sort'); ?> <?php foreach ($projects as $project) : ?> <div class="item <?php if ( $featured->id == $project->id) : ?>featured<?php endif; ?>"></div> // Checking if the featured id contains project->id <?php endforeach; ?> I know the above isn't right, but you get the idea. Can you help at all?
  3. Hi I have an area on every page of my site which includes 3 columns of "featured" content as determined by my client. Each feature consists of: A page title (and link to parent page) An image Small paragraph of summary text I know that I must add these fields to my pages and then populate them with content. The part i'm stuck at is how best to let client my determine which 3 pages get featured. I think number 3 here is the best way but wanted to ask more seasoned users their approach. Should I ... 1. Create some mechanism for a client to specify a page as "featured" thereby triggering inclusion into a footer. I'd have some API call scanning pages for a checked "featured" checkbox etc or 2. Create 3 small sub-pages elsewhere on the site consisting solely of the title,image,paragraph fields. I could place them in some kind of sub-folder called "featured". My client would be told to only ever have 3 sub pages and they could edit, rearrange etc or 3. Create a single page called "Featured" consistign of the new ProField Table whereby client can order and reorder as they wish. That ProField Table would be a row consisting of "Title", "Image" and "Summary".
  4. Hi again. This is my first project on processwire, by now i think its a whole lot more professional than wordpress (the cms i used before). I want to make a magazine style blog, with featured articles, a slideshow or a featured article's tab in the homepage. Im looking around and dont seem to find a module that makes this possible. If anyone knows a "simple" way to do this, ill be more than glad to read
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