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Found 3 results

  1. We are developing an App that sends data over the Internet to ProcessWire (POST/JSON). We want password to be protected somehow when sending it, but I should be able to compare it to PW's passwords. We were thinking of using md5 encryption, but PW uses different encryption. How can I be sure that user has active account when they use the App?
  2. Hello, can somebody tell me, if it is possible to get the clear password of an InputfieldPassword inside a module, before it is encrypted? I have made a custom module which sets the password of an Auth0User after the hook publishReady with a random generated password. When I try to get a clear password from a InputfieldPassword in this hook, it is of course already encrypted (which is of course good). But is there a hook before the encryption, so I could get it one time to send it to Auth0? If there is not such thing, could be another possibility to add a jQuery script to get the value directly from the DOM and save it somewhere temporarily? I know this might be an unusual question, but I would appreciate any feedback. Regards, Andreas
  3. Hi Guys I have an Question about Encryption/Decryption in Processwire. Does Processwire has an encryption Library which provides two-way data encryption for sensitive data? I mean something like the Encryption Library from Codeligniter. I saw the Password.php class in the core which uses some encryption magic, but I don't think, that the purpose of the password class is to provide a two-way data encryption. Because I don't see how it should be possible that I can read/decrypt the password from the database since it hashed(one-way encryption). Why I need a two-way data encryption or. why I am asking? In the near Future I must make a "Password/-Login Manager(included Customer / project management)" where a Processwire User can create Logins(FTP, MySQL, Processwire Login etc...) and assign them to different Projects. Since the Passwords for the Logins are very sensitive data, they must be stored encrypted in the Database, but they must also be listed in Plaintext in the Password Manager Interface. Because of that I am writing this thread to collect some Information about Encrypting/Decrypting in Processwire and some experience from other developers regarding Encrypting/Decrypting. Why I am developing a Password/-Login Manager? My Company uses Active Collab for managing Customer Logins/Projects etc. It works very well! The Problem is that the Password Manager Plugin doesn't exist anymore in the new update of the Tool. So we decided, that i develop a Password Manager in the beautiful CMS/CMF Processwire. It also serves as a perfect final exam for my education as a apprentice in Web-Developement/Informatics. Finally a Code Snippet regarding the Encryption Library from Codeligniter: include 'Crypter Class/Classes/Encrypt.php'; $data = $page->pwmessage; //normal text field in Processwire $ci_crypter = new CI_Encrypt(); $ci_crypter->set_key("r7kl-icfc-8ext-p"); $ci_crypter->set_cipher(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256); $ci_crypter->set_mode(MCRYPT_MODE_ECB); $ci_encrypted = $ci_crypter->encode($data, $ci_crypter->get_key()); $ci_decrypted = $ci_crypter->decode($ci_encrypted, $ci_crypter->get_key()); $outBody .= "<strong>Original:</strong> ".$data."<br>"; $outBody .= "<strong>Encrypted:</strong> ".$ci_encrypted."<br>"; $outBody .= "<strong>Decrypted:</strong> ".$ci_decrypted."<br>";
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