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Found 5 results

  1. How to generate breacrumbs? I have this in my template if(page()->parent->id > $home->id) echo ukBreadcrumb(page(), [ 'class' => 'uk-visible@m breadcrumbs']); which is default with the profile. I want to add the current page and it looks like I need to re-build it from scratch to do so. However, the documentation is quite poor regarding breadcrumbs. no clue what is meant by… $processPageList->setupBreadcrumbs(); $processPageEdit->setupBreadcrumbs(); $processPageAdd->setupBreadcrumbs(); … there's no explanation and no examples but it's pretty much all I could find on this topic Thanks for help!
  2. Hi! The following code snippet is part of my markup simple navigation and the url_redirect (url field in the backend) just works fine when I put an special custom url into the url_redirect field. <?php $nav = $modules->get("MarkupSimpleNavigation"); // topnav $current = $page->rootParent(); // current root page // subnav echo $nav->render(array( 'max_levels' => 2, 'item_tpl' => '<h4><a class="g8-bar-item g8-hover-black" href="{url_redirect|url}">{title}</a></h4><hr class="sidenav">', 'collapsed' => true, ), $page, $current); ?> In my seperated breadcrumb navigation I use the following code snippet <?php foreach($page->parents()->append($page) as $parent) { echo "<li><a href='{$parent->url_redirect|url}'>{$parent->title}</a></li>"; } ?> Now to the problem: In my first code snippet above the url_redirect|url works just fine but when I try something similiar in the second code snippet $parent->url_redirect|url I produce an server error How do I have to change the second code snippet so that it works in the correct way as the first code snippet does?
  3. Hi Guys, Right now, I am using parents as breadcrumbs but I have pages under a parent page just to keep things organized. The pages are called in other areas of the site. I am trying to create user path history breadcrumbs. Meaning: If the user clicked a link to the page, it will show the path he took. Has anyone done this? Would love to see who has before I dive in. Thanks.
  4. Breadcrumb Dropdowns Adds dropdown menus of page edit links to the breadcrumbs in Page Edit. The module also adds dropdowns in Edit Template, Edit Field, Edit User, Edit Role, Edit Permission, Edit Language, and when viewing a log file at Setup > Logs. Configuration options Features/details The module adds an additional breadcrumb item at the end for the currently edited page. That's because I think it's more intuitive for the dropdown under each breadcrumb item to show the item's sibling pages rather than the item's child pages. In the dropdown menus the current page and the current page's parents are highlighted in a crimson colour to make it easier to quickly locate them in case you want to edit the next or previous sibling page. Unpublished and hidden pages are indicated in the dropdowns with similar styling to that used in Page List. If the option to include uneditable pages is selected then those pages are indicated by italics with a reduced text opacity and the "not-allowed" cursor is shown on hover. There is a limit of 25 pages per dropdown for performance reasons and to avoid the dropdown becoming unwieldy. If the current user is allowed to add new pages under the parent page an "Add New" link is shown at the bottom of the breadcrumb dropdown. If the currently edited page has children or the user may add children, a caret at the end of the breadcrumbs reveals a dropdown of up to the first 25 children and/or an "Add New" link. Overriding the listed siblings for a page If you want to override the siblings that are listed in the Page Edit dropdowns you can hook the BreadcrumbDropdowns::getSiblings method and change the returned PageArray. For most use cases this won't be necessary. Incompatibilities This module replaces the AdminThemeUikit::renderBreadcrumbs method so will potentially be incompatible with other modules that hook the same method. https://modules.processwire.com/modules/breadcrumb-dropdowns/ https://github.com/Toutouwai/BreadcrumbDropdowns
  5. Hi guy's I'm new with PW and very happy with it - thanks alot Ryan and team for this great work! I just completed the simple news system tutorial on the wiki page (thanks alot to the author - who was it?) - works perfect, except for one thing: I would like to get the categories-breadcrumb - when a news list of a specific category is displayed - take me to the main news page with all news items listed. Now it gives me 404. Allowing the url segment news/categories - where the breadcrumb points to - in the TUT_news_index template or the TUT_news_index unfortunately didn't make it work. Same problem with the news-articles breadcrumb link on the article display page. See attached screenshots. Is anyone familiar with the tutorial / the simple news system and coud give me a hint? Thanks alot for any help in advance. Cheers, Markus from beautiful Switzerland
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