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  1. Hello everyone, Been working rough 5-6 months with this beast and i gotta tell you that it's almost perfect Of course every software has it's ups and downs, just like life does and nothing is perfect or meant for everyone, but here we go... I think database structure is about correct and flexible enough, what i don't like is that i can have similar field with 3x different prefix just because i need different control data for that same field. How about if template would control fields data instead of field? Field could have it's own control data as default, but i would really like to see t
  2. Hello! I often have to change image sizes in templates using the ->width() or size functions and on a image heavy site this a cause timeout errors or massie lag before all the images are resized when changing to the new template. I was wondering if there was a good way of creating these images without having to hit each page on the site for the template to be called and images updated? Basically to avoid the errors? Thanks
  3. Hi all. I have pages (templates) that are only accessible to certain users. Now I need to get all users that have view access to specific pages (they will get email when page updates). I thought of something like this: $template = wire('templates')->get($p->template); $roles = $template->getRoles(); $users = wire('pages')->find('template=user, roles=' . $roles); But it looks like getRoles() doesn't returns the roles for that template. Roles is an empty PageArray. What is wrong or is there another way to get those users?
  4. Is there a somewhat comprehensive guide or tutorial somewhere on theming the PW admin? There's so much untapped potential there I just don't know really where to start to learn my way around it. If not, would anyone care to create one? I know I would greatly appreciate it, as would many more users. There are no admin themes in the modules directory currently that claim to be compatible with 2.5. That would probably change with a solid beginner's guide.
  5. Hi! I am building a site where there is another user-template as introduced in 2.5.14. (http://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-core-updates-2.5.14/#multiple-templates-or-parents-for-users) For now, you have to add the parents of the users with the new user-template manually like so: $config->usersPageIDs = array(29, 1026, 1027); But I have dynamically growing pages which hold the new users, like so: Home Members Group User User Group User User ... ... Ryan mentioned they're working on automating that process, but I wonder how I c
  6. The first time you create a field, there is an info tab which says This field is not currently in use by any templates. It would be real time saving at that point to select the Templates which can use the new field. Otherwise we have to save the field ... browse to Templates ... find your template ...click it and add and reorder it there.
  7. I'm working with a PW 2.5.3 install. Here http://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-core-updates-2.5.14/ there is a quick tutorial on setting up an alternate user template and parent. I followed it to the T, but it didn't work; when adding a new user, there was no choice of template, and once the user was created the alternate template I had set wasn't even among the select options. Has anyone managed to do this or even just an alternate template successfully? The alt. tpl. is what I rly. need... I just tried it twice over and then erased and undid everything 2x too, so... Then I only un
  8. I want to give Twig a try for creating template pages. How do i start ? Use TemplateTwigReplace or TemplateEngineFactory (with TemplateEngineTwig) ? My main concern is to be able to use the AOIM in my templates. Do I have to use TemplateDataProviders as well ? Any guidance is welcome. Thanks
  9. Hello. I'd like to clarify something that's in the back of my mind for a while. If i have 10 fields with the same parameters, except only the labels, for example scatered in different templates, i must have 10 different copies of those unique fields?
  10. Hey guys, Was just interested in your different techniques for sending HTML emails through your templates. More specifically, where you store your email codes? In the past, using smaller, simpler emails I was "OKish" with keeping all the HTML garbled in my form processing at the top of a page but am thinking there must be better ways surely? Do you use includes? ProcessWire templates? Just interested in seeing your different techniques.
  11. Hello ppl I'm trying to create an image banner to show in all pages of the site, and for this i created a page to hold multiple images in a field (latter im gonna deal with animating them). The page is published, So this is the tree of values i got: i can address the page with $pg_settings = $pages->get('name=settings'); it seem to be correct because print_r gets me a biiiig array if info now the problem is getting the array of images, with their respective url's. I tried: $pg_settings = $pages->get('name=settings'); // echo "<br />pg_settings: " . print_r($pg_settin
  12. When creating or adding a new template I'd like a short template description field. That template description should then also be visible when choosing a template for a page. If you've a lot of templates, it gives editors some asseurance that the template they are selecting is the correct one.
  13. Hi, I was reading a very interesting post in this forum (https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7166-wp-tavern-article-and-processwire-themes/page-4), about PW and its popularity compared to other cms like Wordpress. The key point that has been discussing is: how can PW be more attractive to non developers (ie designers)? (ok here another question arises "Do we want that PW reach an audience bigger that developers only?" but this is another topic...) Wordpress for example has a theming system that certainly is very attractive and quite easy to use, and I noticed someone in the community is al
  14. Hi all, I am quite new to PW, and I am starting to create my first modules. In a site I am working on, I have already created some templates, fields and pages to manage a simple event management, with event list page, event detail page, list of categories, and so on. Now I would like to put all this inside a module, so when I start a new site all I have to do is install the module and I am ready to work with the events. I already understood how to create the module and do the installation (and uninstallation of course) of templates, fields and pages, but now I am wondering what's the bes
  15. Hi there, Is there a way to get: foreach($templates as $template){ $options.= "<li>{$template->name}</li>"; } to work for a selectbox inside "getModuleConfigInputfields"? i am implementing a module which hooks after page->save. i need the Values (Parent Template, Child Template, Child number, Child name) to be set. I would rather do this with a selectbox of all Templates then with a Textfield. idea behind this is that a customer should be able create a page and gets always the same amount of children inside the page, which should be configurable on the module, be
  16. Hi altogether, since I am currently working on a project that has (hopefully) the potential to reach a certain level of complexity at some point, I wanted to start the template structure in a scalable and "proper" way. In the following I'll try to give a summary about the approach I'm testing: 1. Directory structure inside site/templates/ /controllers/ /views/ 2. Create init file named... site/templates/init.php...containing (for example): <?php function getPartial($name, $allpages) { // Site wide $settings = $allpages->get('/meta/settings'); $root = $allpages->get('/');
  17. I have copied over the templates-admin folder into the site folder, however, my admin template never changes. Any idea what could be wrong?
  18. Basically, I created a site for a client that is a marketing and advertising site for personal ads. The site is intended to allow a user to view the site and if the user wants to post a personal ad to promote their services such as music performing, dancing etc. they can for a small fee. (It's pretty much like back page.com and craigslist.com without the ugly design. More focused to look like a website, with 1 page personal ads.) Currently the site is using the latest Processwire release on Foundation framework. I have users coming to the site and if they decide to post, they click
  19. Is there a way to set a default value in the editing interface for a Field? For instance, for a Text, Integer or Page field used in a Template. For example, lets say I have a template called Songs with the field Length. Length has default value 3:00 (minutes). When I create a new Song Page, the Length field should appear pre-populated in the editing interface with the "3:00" default value.
  20. I've played with ProcessWire on localhost, and now I'm trying to get it running on a live server. It installed OK, I can log in, add pages and templates, and add new fields, but I can't view template fields, even for basic-page. All I get is an empty space between the Edit Template:basic-page and the Save button. See screnshot I checked the core....there are three files Template, TemplateFile and Templates. that all look OK. Other than that guess I haven't a clue what to look for. (I'm hoping that ProcessWire will help me develop some php skills). Does anyone have any ideas what the pro
  21. Hi all, I always create a few templates that do not have a template file. For example, a lot of times I create a "testimonials" page that displays all it's "testimonial" children. But I never want the users of the website to navigate to a single testimonial. I on'y want to list out the testimonials on the "Testimonials" page and store the individual testimonials as children of this page. I never ever want the individual testimonials to be visible. As it stands, if you were to try to visit an individual testimonial, you would get a 404. But if I made a loop and was outputting all the pages,
  22. Hi, There is a section of a new website I'm building where there is a need to publish longer form articles, where I intersperse paragraphs of text with images, quotes, videos, and galleries. I'm wondering if anybody has a good approach for constructing this kind of article in ProcessWire. I was originally using a TinyMCE field to embed my images in the correct place in the flow of the body text, with the float classes floating the images appropriately. Including other types of content such as videos and galleries looks a little bit harder to manage, and I can only thinking of including str
  23. Greetings ProcessWire People. I created a new PW installation today and all was going well until I tried to create new pages. The template drop-down menu refuses to populate. It lists the templates without a problem on the pre-existing pages when I look at their settings. Does this look familiar? I did need to edit the .htaccess file to allow for a custom RewriteBase. Best wishes, Jenn
  24. I just started with PW and I've gotten the hang of things quite easily but whenever I make a new field it doesn't not appear on the user side of the template. I can manage the field content in the admin section but nothing appears but the title and body on the user side. Is there a permissions/roles function that I have to change? Is there something in the PHP template files I need to change? Thanks.
  25. I often thought about the ability to provide an easy way to install themes like in e.g. Wordpress. Reading the docs about template files, an idea came to me, how this might be possible: Use another layer between template, template files und the connection to the fields. The workflow would be: Declare the use of fields in the template file with their type When creating the template in admin, the declared fields are read in and the user could connect it to his own fields ProcessWire must handle the cloning of the reusable fields on runtime Does this sound serious to anyone? Or do you think th
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