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  1. Hey there everybody, yet another general question in the attempt to clarify some of my understanding. I have a great tag system up and running and would like to provide the client a quick way to tag multiple items within the site. There are situations as such: A batch of work is going to be displayed in a section that pulls via a selected tag. These works will be selected individually and may be based on all sorts of criteria things like price, or medium, or artist country of origin. For this what I invision is the ability to create a selector in batcher and update all of these items with a
  2. I've followed a tutorial on setting up tags and have a tag field as follows: type=page allow new pages to be created from field=yes input field type - Asmselect Using the following on my template, I can output all the tags on my site <H3>Tags</H3> <?php $tags = $pages->get("/tags/")->children->find("sort=title"); echo "<ul>"; foreach($tags as $tag){ //iterate over each tag echo "<li><a href='{$tag->url}'>{$tag->title}</a></li>"; // and generate link to that page } echo "</ul>"; ?> What I'd like to do is echo only the
  3. I'm building a site for a college where they teach approx 20 courses. Each course page will have a: tutor duration price and I'd like each of these to be clickable tags whch loads a page listing matching courses. So if Prof. Beezlebub is teaching religion, I want web users toclick his name and see a list of his other courses etc In the PW admin, I want editors to be able to specify what courses contain which tags. Can someone give me a very basic overview of whats involved. I don't see a field type called Tags in the Filed setup. I also want to make sure that a tag from a Courss will l
  4. I was looking for a way to group fields within the admin today and came across this wiki entry which does just that http://wiki.processwire.com/index.php/Template_Tabs IE have fields nested under certain categories when editing a page such as General Content (heading/category) Summary (nested field) Body (nested field) Featured Content (heading/category) Homepage images (nested field) Homepage summary (nested field) I was wondering if there were plans to make this a little more straightforward and perhaps use Categories or Tags. We already use Tags to group fields on the m
  5. I didn't exactly just start using ProcessWire. But does anyone know how would I go about retrieving the pages with a certain tag into separate sections based on their parent? Problem lies in the fact that both photos and featurettes (videos) share the same tags, and their thumbnails have a different aspect ratio. Which is pretty much why I'd like to have them separated, if a certain tag has been used on both content types. Parent names are "photos" and "featurettes". Needless to say, the current code isn't really good nor a beauty to look at. But I've attached it, and I'd appreciate any help
  6. I am still learning the tags in processwire so I think this will be an easy question. I am trying to create a tag that will display the path from the root to an image file that includes the image filename and extension. I think I am close with the following, but how do I add the filename and extension? <?php echo $page->image1_thumb->url ?> Thank you. Bill
  7. horst

    (no topic title)

    in addition to pwired here http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3785-alternative-syntax-for-control-structures-a-tip-for-newbies/#entry37007 http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3691-tutorial-a-quick-guide-to-processwire-for-those-transitioning-from-modx/?view=findpost&p=35953 http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3754-proof-of-concept-processwire-admin-theme-switcher/?view=findpost&p=36621 http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3785-alternative-syntax-for-control-structures-a-tip-for-newbies/?view=findpost&p=36950
  8. I decided to rebuild an old image gallery site with PW. I know there's countless image-gallery scripts out there, but for my liking, most of them are too bloated. Also, I thought this was another good opportunity to dive further into PW-world. I'm keeping the old basic gallery structure: 95% of the galleries are in date-folders (monthly), like a blog archive. But I'd like to add some filter / search functionality, because there's just so many pics - when you come to the site and look for a specific subject, there was no way to do that on the old site. Q 1: How can I create a simple "searc
  9. Hi all, i think i need some help with this: I have a field called Tags, which is a pageAutocomplete field, and allows the user to enter tags for a page; Then on the template i have an isotope display which has a filter, using the tags; Right now i'm just cycling through the tags (selector for template=tag) to create the list of filter links; but is there a way to check that a given tag is actually in use, by a page, since right now if someone enters a tag and then deletes it, that tag is still a tag page, but if you click on that filter, no items are displayed... TIA
  10. Hey everyone, I'm trying to build a single-page portfolio on ProcessWire, I think I've got the header and footer right, but I'm having doubts on how to setup the portfolio area. I was hoping you guys could give me a hand since I'm very used to ExpressionEngine designer-friendly tags. My english is not very good so I created an image to show what I'm trying to do: http://i46.tinypic.com/23r1tl3.png So I'm trying to figure out is: -how to create the slider for every project I add -how to create tags or categories for every project The date I suppose I should use the datepicker field
  11. Im aware you can echo content based in tamplate, parent page etc, but is there a generic tags field type module that can be used to add several tags to a page and use to link to other tagged pages? Thanks for your help
  12. hello forum, after a bit a humble start i think i've wrapped my head around pw a little better... that's why i'm now in the general support forum and not any longer in getting started ;-) however, i'm working on a portfolio site for an engineering company and i've set up categories to organize the way their work is presented on the site. setting up the categories was easy and works good thanks to the tutorials in the forum here. but now i would like to present the categories as a tag cloud and therefore need to get the number, how often each category has been chosen for a portfolio item (a
  13. Today I tried to create a News feed, and I think it became pretty good! But there is one problem, I have marked it in the code - so if anyone have a clue, tell me! This one requires two template; news.root (title) and news.article(title, body, summary, news_tags[comma separated values], images[optional]). CSS: .news-item .news-image{ width:250px; border:1px solid #CCC; text-align:center; vertical-align:middle; padding-top:2px; display:block; } .news-item .news-summary{ width:auto; } .news-item .news-image p{ padding:1px; margin:0px !important; text-align:center !important; } .news-item .
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