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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone come across this issue where Amazon Cloudfront seems to refuse to cache a certain small number of static objects? I've tried invaliding the cache (root path) several times to no avail. I had a look at the file permissions of the objects in question, and they seemed all ok. I've also gone into the Amazon Console and there are no errors logged. You can see more details of this here : http://www.webpagetest.org/performance_optimization.php?test=171106_A4_be80c122489ae6fabf5e2caadcac8123&run=1#use_of_cdn I recently upgraded this test site to PW 3
  2. Just a quick query regarding Processwire 3 and Uikit 3 integration. Is Uikit 3 going to be inextricably bound to Processwire 3? The reason I ask is that having developed a site style in earlier PW3 dev versions (now on 3.0.59) using Material Design Bootstrap 4 as requested I find that Uikit 3 is messing up independent css code used to display various design elements. There is no difference between the CSS code to produce the circle behind the logo and there is no indication why its being displayed as a round cornered square - see attachments. Is it at all possible to continue using M
  3. Bootstrap-4 Minimal site profile for ProcessWire This profile is based on the "minimal site profile (intermediate edition)" and bundled with Boostrap v4.4.1 Features Bootstrap SASS Font-Awesome SASS Render / helper functions for : Simple ul navigation Bootstrap Multi-level navbar Bootstrap Carousel Bootstrap Cards Bootstrap Jumbotron Boostrap Accordion Assets minification, files bundle Dependencies jQuery Popper.js Bootstrap FontAwesome Prequisi
  4. Hi there, in an image gallery with the following code foreach ($page->bilder as $bild) { $thumbnail = $bild->size($page->thumbnail_size,$page->thumbnail_size); ... a JS gallery function broke down with the error message: "unitegallery.min.js:6 Uncaught Error: Can't get image size - image not inited." I looked into the /assets/files/nnnn/ folder and found 5 images (of about 16 or so) having api - generated version with only 42 Bytes. 4 of them had the string "....0x0.jpg" in their filename, but the 5th had an unsuspicious filename. They were all generated within t
  5. Hey all, I have an image and text field in a repeater. When I iterate over repeater using foreach loop, image is not returned (null is returned instead), but text field is. Some (I guess) useful information: I am using ProcessWire 3.0.17 Image field supports svg format (jpg in not returned either) Image filed is limited to one file and is without description Image field's format is set as 'single or null', but array with field->first or field->eq(0) also doesn't work Images are uploaded to server I used the same approach foreach($page->repeater as $item) $item->image->url a d
  6. Hello everyone, Last night as a "saturday night shitty weather stay at home" project I attempted to migrate a project that was on PW 2.7.x to PW 3.x I use a lot of partials on the project so I have around 200 php files that needs to be namespaced. Compiler was giving me trouble with "Call undefined function" errors. Being the lazy developer I attempted to wrote a script after getting bored over pasting the namespace Processwire; line into around 10 files. Below you can find the script, that is very basically adds <?php namespace Processwire;?> as the first line of every .php and
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