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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm working on a module that pulls a JSON list of videos of a server and creates a page for each video. These videos come with several tags and I would like to include them. My plan is as follows: - Create a page for the video with the neccessary data - Seperate the tags for each video - Check for each tag if a page with that title exists under /tags/ - if not, create it - add that page to the "tags" field of the video page. It's the last part that I can't figure out. Could you explain to me how to add a page to a field in an existing page via the API? Thanks, thomas
  2. Hi everyone, I am sorry if this question is somewhere in the forums already, but I've passed my last hour searching for it's answer and I couldn't find it. The problem is the following: I have a Checkbox Page Field inside a Repeater Field. Basically, what I need is to get the title of the selected page(s) in that item. I've tried the following: <?php foreach($page->banners as $banner) { // cycles through repeater items var_dump($page->pagefield->title); What can I do?
  3. I have a serious problem with understanding the process field and how the process catches actions like "add" or "edit" from the url path (e.g. …languages/add/, languages/edit?id=xy) to execute the right method (executeAdd() etc.). I’m currently working on a more comfortable solution for select fields with preset options. For each select field created through setup/field/ a child page is created below having the name of the field. The child page’s template has a process field set to call a process extending ProcessPageType like it's the case with setup/languages/. Each option of the select field will be stored as an own page with title and a value field as a child of the select field page. Now I want to act the whole thing like the language admin interface. I got the list rendering working on setup/field/select_field_name/ but I get a 'Page Not Found' on calling setup/field/select_field_name/add/ as well on calling edit?id=xy. Any hints? Thanks in advance.
  4. Good evening, I am trying to build a system that relates two pages (using a Page field) but assures that the related page also relates to the current page we're editing. Like if we were talking about synonyms. Does anyone have a clue on how to achieve this? Thanks!
  5. When I for example generate a list of articles, I get my pageArray through the API within another page’s template, iterate through it and call the render method for output. Works great. But what to do if I wanted to make the template of these articles behave in a certain manner depending on the the context (the current page’s template) the render method is called from? Is there a way to access the vars existing within the current page’s template or even the current page’s field values on rendering from the articles’ template? To check “Am I rendered within/from another page’s template?” and “Is the var $xy or the field ‘ab’ set to ‘brabra’ in the other page I’m rendered in/from?”
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