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Found 83 results

  1. I made ​​some test page for a new project and given a look to the database, but they are a bit confused. Where are the records? I am a DBA and have fields without tables, it seems strange, even if the good performance of processwire depend from this. I created a page with a table. Simple, very simple with processwire. Now I need a from to insert / update data on another page, and a button or a check box to delete the row. I consulted the APIs, but other than delete Field and PaGE have not found anything. I have to delete fields one by one? (or am I doing something wrong?) A book about processwire with examples would be welcome.
  2. Although not frequent, and usually not for very long, databases will experience problems and just not be able to be connected to. An error message of just "Unable to complete this request due to an error. Error has been logged." just doesn't seem too friendly to visitors. Perhaps I just haven't seen this (or discovered how to do it), but if it isn't currently an option (or a hook) for this, it'd be a welcomed thing. (If there is a way to do this, I apologize...it's sometimes hard to come up with the proper search terms to find results.)
  3. Hello there! First of all I want to say hello to everyone. This is my first post, although I've been working with ProcessWire for some time now. I must say PW is a great little CMS/CMF and I'm learning so much from it. Here's m problem: I've uploaded a fresh copy of PW into my clients ftp. The first message that I get after i visit pw directory in the browser is: Error Exception: DB connect error 1045 - Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO) (in /navigroup.pl/wire/core/ProcessWire.php line 95) I didn't change any of the files, only uploaded them to the server. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem here? Thanks, Paweł
  4. Hi all, My team has built a few ProcessWire sites, and we LOVE it - it is now our go to CMS. However, we have come up against the same issue on each site and wonder if/how any of you are managing it. I don't think the issue is entirely specific to ProcessWire, but due to the structure of the way PW stores data it may require an answer that only applies to PW. It's the issue of keeping a staging site database in synch with a live site. To illustrate: we start developing a new section, or modifying the functionality of a current section. All the while the client is making content changes on the current site, and in so doing changing the data in many different tables. Is there an approach, other than manually noting which tables have changed during our update, that people are using to manage this situation? With WordPress, for example, all of the content ends up in one big table, the structure of which doesn't change, so updates aren't that tricky. With PW data and structure being intermingled, it makes it a bit more tricky to manage. I'd really appreciate knowing more about how people manage this, even if it's just confirming that there isn't a better way than doing it manually. Thanks.
  5. I have setup a simple tagging facility. Afterwards I saw Nico's BundleBlog and noted it uses /tags/. So I decided to change my setup from references to fields, templates, etc that were 'tags' to 'tagging'. I used 'Edit field: tags > Duplicate/clone this field'. That gave me 'tags_1'. I then edited 'tags_1' and went to rename it to 'tagging' and hit an error, PW said this name already existed. It seems from my trial/error/learn process I have ended up with at least two fields in my database (seen via MySQL) that aren't listed under Amin > Setup > Fields and one of those is called 'tagging'. What is the best way to clear old/unused things, or, is this an edge case and it's only my trial and error steps that have led to this odd situation and ought I do make a new PW install and manually copy settings over. I don't mind doing that at all, my only concern is that I'd like to learn from this so were this a larger site I could perhaps recover in a more subtle (and quicker) way. Thanks in advance for any pointers. PS: The error is Table 'tmp_field_tagging' already exists PPS: I've got around this by using the new name of 'tagged' instead of 'tagging', but I'd love to learn if defunct bits of my database can be safely cleared out somehow, e.g. I now have these four fields and yet only one will be used. PPPS: Thinking about this, I will need to learn how to clear out old unused db items as I will be using Nico's Blog Module and that will need 'tags' to be gone. On reflection I think I was caught out by this/surprised as I assumed deleting a field would delete part fo the db that had been created to represent that field.
  6. Hello ! First post I am interested in PM wich could be a pertinent tool very close to what I need (because of custom fields and template). Demo file installed and working. It looks sincerely interesting and attractive. As of now, I'm confused about many things (mostly how to connect data). My purpose is to run an online dictionary, quite big. Same kind of work as Skyscrappers demonstration (many data connected, many fields working as filters) I guess. My online site is designed this way (quick resume) : table words (55000 items) : id_word word variant meaning table quotes (200000 items) : id_quote id_word quote year_quote A few other fields and tables (synonyms...) ; but it's enough for my questions. What would be the classic/usual strategy to get this data run by PW (I will not create the data inside PW : I use microsoft Access daily, then I update the online database once a year, more or less) ? Do I have to create a field by myself for every information taken from all tables ? I guess yes ? What about the id fields ? In my current database, they are used for connecting the relevant data together and I need to keep them accessible and usable them to get final url like ..../word/23445 (where 23445 is id of word 23445 of course). Say I create several fields (word, variant, meaning, quote, year_quote) : then what to do with my id fields ? then how does PW connect the data ? I may be unclear, sorry for that. If needed, please tell me what to correct. I'm not asking light about how to show informations (templates) --will come next--, but how to import data and how to get working connections (more database related). Thank you
  7. Hello, I have received many emails with same error message and I am wandering how to change the code to get more meaningful errors. Hope someone know what could to be the reason for that exception or how to render more details in that exception. Аny help is greatly appreciated. Below is the error: Unknown User:/?/:ProcessWire Error:Exception: SELECT id, class, flags, data FROM modules ORDER BY class (in /var/www/my-domain/www.my-domain.com/wire/core/Database.php line 72) #0 /var/www/my-domain/www.my-domain.com/wire/core/Modules.php(142): Database->query('SELECT id, clas...') #1 /var/www/my-domain/www.my-domain.com/wire/core/Modules.php(79): Modules->load('/var/www/my-dom...') #2 /var/www/my-domain/www.my-domain.com/wire/core/ProcessWire.php(100): Modules->__construct('/var/www/my-dom...', '/var/www/my-dom...') #3 /var/www/my-domain/www.my-domain.com/wire/core/ProcessWire.php(45): ProcessWire->load(Object(Config)) #4 /var/www/my-domain/www.my-domain.com/index.php(167): ProcessWire->__construct(Object(Config)) #5 {main}
  8. Hi, I read on another thread that fulltext searching is crucial for PW. That requirement prevents other databases (such as PostgreSQL and SQLite) to be used as alternative backends for PW. Well, SQLite does support fulltext searching and indexing! Please see: http://sqlite.org/fts3.html Could SQLite be, perhaps, a good candidate for an alternative SQL backend for PW ?
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