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Found 83 results

  1. Hi, my server or processwire or me cancelled database, that don't exist and my server haven't backup. The error log is: http://www.permaculturaorganica.info/?/ Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1044] Access denied for user 'casbo_RdS'@'%' to database 'casbooko1_po' (in /data/vhosts/permaculturaorganica.info/httpdocs/wire/core/ProcessWire.php line 308) Is this log a log for database not found, it's correct? I was write any articles, but NOT PUBLISH, because the site haven't any grafic. Now I go in /site/assets/cache/ by ftp, but I don't see any file. The address is correct for find the files cache?
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if its safe to delete the content of the cache table manually within the database?
  3. When I take a look in a PW database I see this: pages are stored in “pages", templates are stored in “templates", sessions are stored in “sessions", forms are stored in "forms” (form builder), ... I want to make a website with a large catalog (1.5 million products). I don’t want that the products are stored in “pages” table in the database, but in the “products” table. Is this possible in PW? End will I maintain the same options, then when I store all products in “pages”? Some advice would be helpful! Kind Regards, Peejay
  4. Hello, I am truly stuck. I have a website I built for a client that has become quite successful: http://drydenwire.com It is an independent news agency. The problem is, I built everything from scratch in Processwire and things were purring along until the traffic went up. Now, I keep getting these huge spikes which last about 15 seconds and cause all users to receive a 503 Error. I have created a public repo for review: https://github.com/scramlo/DrydenWire.com/tree/master and can answer any questions that may lead to an answer. I am willing to hire a more experienced developer if the community is unable to help me mine out this issue. I have gone through the usage logs and know that all traffic is legitimate, I am not getting bombarded by a spam IP address or anything like that. Thank you for any and all assistance as this client is getting frustrated and I would rather not lose them!!! -Brian
  5. SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'hortons.pages' doesn't exist (in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/hortons/public/wire/core/WireDatabasePDO.php line 439) Getting this error after upgrading from 2.4 to 2.8 then exporting the site profile and installing on the latest version of v3. Anything I could do about this, anyone come across this? thanks Edit: The issues started going from 2.4 to 2.8 - I used the upgrading advice on the github, replacing PW files. Im running ubuntu 14.4.x using serverpilot.io. The site hosting was originally not controlled by me so am trying to rehost and upgrade.
  6. Hi there, I was wondering if page->url and page->httpUrl are stored anywhere in the backend? I haven't been able to locate it so I'm beginning to think these are generated or calculated on the fly? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi guys, I've just discovered Processwire and I'd like to build my new project on it. It seems PW is the tool I was looking for. It's my first post and I guess many others are coming A few words about me : I live in France, I used to be a php dev (looong time ago), became a MySQL DBA during a few years and now a little less hands-on (except on that project). Speaking of the project, it's the complete rewrite of a game related to motorcycle races (you have to guess the podium in different categories). I have players who sign up, record a prediction for the next Grand Prix, get a ranking according to the precision of their prediction (vs real results). They have a profile page, etc. The frontend is based on data which is updated each Grand Prix (through some pure croned php scripts). The website sends automatically newsletters according to the date (vs the races calendar) and the same goes for the email which warns players their score was updated. It runs for years now. My goal is to reach thousands of players on this new version. I'm not anxious about speed here, I guess it will be ok, and I'll probably be a future client of ProCache and ProdevTools (yes I saw the coupon code :). That also will be my way to support the work which has been done here. Actually I'm rewriting the whole stuff (based on pure Php) and I will host more races next year (more categories, more players, more... everything). I'm interested in PW because I'm looking a modern way to rebuild my website without reinvent the wheel : using all the built-in stuff from PW (routing system, session/authentication, and all what the other modules can offer !). OK, enough for the project Although I've been through some different tutorials and read tons of thread on this forum for the last 3 days... I didn't yet make my mind on the solution to choose : "pure" SQL queries or use the API/pages. As I said before, I'm a DBA, I'm ok with queries and I've already wrote most of them. Actually, I see how to import my tables into the PW's database, so I can directly connect to my old tables (you call that custom tables I think) with the db handler which is passed to every page. I see how to create a template, I see how to choose the ouput strategy, but I have some difficulties to see how to add content to each page. I don't know if I need all this actually. I've read this very useful thread : https://processwire.com/talk/topic/18-how-do-i-import-lots-of-data-into-pages/ from @ryan, who answered a very good question from @jbroussia Technically speaking I understand the stuff but perhaps it's overkill for me. I'm looking for the easiest/quickest solution (I have so many things to code before launch :-/). According to you, can I survive without importing all my data in PW fields by using this way : $result = $db->query("SELECT id, name, data FROM some_table"); while($row = $result->fetch_array()) print_r($row); As I said the DB is updated frequently (each Grand Prix) and each player's score is updated in the same time, that goes for the different categories, well a lot of stuff is moving at each Grand Prix. According to me it should work with template + page using that template but without filling the fields... ? Moreover I'm afraid of losing some PW functionnalities here : Accross my readings I've picked up some quotes which I haven't completely understood, perhaps you can help me on that. - "If you want to present your data at unique URLs, then pages is the way to go.... " (from https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5325-database-table-versus-pages/) - "While it's there and ready for you to use, it's always preferable (not to mention easier and safer) to use ProcessWire's API for accessing any of it's data." - "If you went the pages route, you can also harness the extended power of templates, e.g. using templates to control page access..." (from https://processwire.com/talk/topic/17-functionsmethods-to-access-the-db/ -> I understand it's "easier" to use the API, but why is it "safer" than my own SQL queries ? I still have to sanitize myself any user entries in both case for example no ? -> Won't I be able to control page access if I'm not using the API ? I didn't dig into control access yet, please forgive me if the question is a nonsense. -> What about the uniqueness of URL that is mentionned in my first link ? Well, I think that's enough for a first post and thanks in advance for your answers.
  8. Hi, I have several questions about modules: Where are modules settings saved? In the database? If yes, in which table? Where are modules fields saved? Again, in the database? If I were to git control my website, should I ignore modules folder?
  9. We are currently looking at building a custom administration area with the basic outlined functionality. Users will be able to login and see their horses, their events and their payments. Admins will be able to login and see all users, horses, events, payments. Data structure below. Questions 1) Would this make sense to build as a single frontend with different 'admin' levels' rather than customising the backend of PW? Ultimately the PW install will be running a full frontend website (showing Horses for Sale, Events and other misc content) so users will need to login to update content. 2) How does PW handle database relationships? Could this structure be built? Users ------ ID Email Horses - one user can own many horses ------- ID UserID Membership Level (payment) Events - one horse can enter many events ------- ID HorseID Required Membership Level Payments ----- ID TransactionID Payment Items - one payment can have many payment items ---- ID PaymentID Order Type - Horse Registration/Donation/Event ItemID - HorseID, DonationID, EventID Cost VAT Many thanks Pete
  10. I'm not sure that I really follow this page; http://imgur.com/a/hCxqg I've created a database when setting up the server, so I'm presuming that this is what's being asked for here? The page linked for getting setup http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-install-and-setup-processwire-cms--cms-25509 doesn't really mention anything about these fields. After trying to use the user name on the server, and the password that I entered when setting up the mySQL to start with I got the following error (so I had filled in "DB Name"={some name that I thought up }, "DB user" = {name of user on server}, "DB pass" = {pass i set up for mySQL}); http://imgur.com/a/cgFKq After this i tried using db name; {whatever} db user; {name of user on server} db pass; {password for user on server} This didn't work either, so I'm not sure what I'm meant to put here.
  11. After working with PW for quite so time i came to my first issue: After testing around I added pages "part" with few fields and repeater. $p = new Page(); $p->template = 'part'; $p->parent = '/parts/'; $p->name = $pageName; $p->save(); $p->of(false); .... // adding repeater $store = $p->pStores->getNew(); $store->sCount = $sCount; $store->sPartNr = $sName; $store->sPrice = $sPrice; $store->sStore = $pages->get(24464)->id; $store->save(); $p->pStores->add($store); $p->save(); added about 1600 items. Later on I deleted them Using foreach ($pages->get('/parts/')->children as $p){ wire('pages')->delete($p); } Now i can't add any repeater items to new pages I create using code above. It gives me error Can't save page 0: /1473421482-73-1/: It has no parent assigned Now I try to delete repeater field and recreate it. But it says that Can't delete template 'repeater_pStores' because it is used by 1685 pages. But there are no pages. I looked in DB. and found that repeater fields still hold values for pages that does not exists. [EDIT]: found that pages still exist in db. So i deleted them manually. Recreated field but same problem stands. Im not sure in witch step I fcked up, but can someone point fingers at me and tell what i did wrong or why its not working?
  12. The situation I'm trying to arrive at a good solution for is how to store user-created data in a production environment. We're pre-production but the issue I'm running into is that storing user-data as pages creates problems when it comes time to update the production site with a new version (of our site, not PW). Because I'm adding data as pages the data will be deleted if I create a backup and restore it to the production environment. I've spent a fair amount of time writing some DB compare logic to find differences but that will require manual updating for each difference. Because pages reference other page numbers via IDs and the production environment will be creating users and meta-information pages it isn't possible to save/restore those particular pages around a backup (from development) and restore (to production) of the PW database. It seems like the most straightforward approach is to put the user-created data in separate tables so that PW information can be updated independently. That is pretty easy using $db or $database. Are there any best practices for this kind of thing? Am I thinking about it wrong? How is this problem generally solved? The user-data is 1) user accounts and 2) meta-information about uploaded files (stored in the file system).
  13. I need to write a lazy cron job that goes through a list of files and deletes those that are associated with expired sessions. Our session information is stored in the DB table sessions. Is there a Wire API call that allows me to do one of: 1) fetch all expired sessions? 2) hook the session expiration event? 3) fetch all active sessions? 4) do direct DB access to lookup sessions? (least preferred as I have to directly tie to session implmentation). My logic can either flow: Find active sessions delete files NOT in active sessions Get files if session_id associated with file NOT in sessions (or has expired) delete file.
  14. I'm in need of changing the charset for my site but I couldn't find any way of doing so since changing $config->dbCharset = 'utf8'; in wire/config.php gave me an error when I tried to install. I couldn't find anyway of changing charset during the installation configuration either. So how do I do it? I need it to be set to Swedish language so that I can sort letter like Å,Ä and Ö proper.
  15. Hello, How would I get the DB query that is used to gather the data for something like wire('pages')->find("template=log, id_gc={$serverId}, timestamp>={$dateStart}, timestamp<={$dateEnd}, sort=timestamp"); Tried using the Debug Mode Tools in the backend on a lister with similar selector. But I couldn't make out the right query in there. I'd like to use that query directly to dump data from the DB to a csv via SELECT INTO. Processing 10.000s of pages in chunks of 100 via the API into a csv. This is quite time consuming (several minutes for ~20.000 pages that result in a ~13MB csv file). Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. Hi guys I'm trying to duplicate a ProcessWire site on a different server so I can work on it. The good news is the live and the test servers are identical VPS. I already have multiple PW sites running on both. I can export the DB from the Live server but when I try to import to Test server I get the following error. Am I correct in thnking this error in the SQL syntax is being generated at the export stage? IE my Live PW site wouldn't be working with a syntax error so I must be messing up the export of the .sql file There is nothing at line 48 but a find command shows CREATE TABLE `fieldtype_options` ( `fields_id` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `option_id` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `title` text, `value` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `sort` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; BTW, my server setup is: Version Plesk v12.5.30_build1205150826.19 os_CentOS 6 OS CentOS 6.3 (Final) MySQL: 5.5.41 PHP: 5.6.19
  17. Hello, will the database structure change until stable release of ProcessWire 3 or won't the database be touched? This would be great to know, Ryan!
  18. Hello people, hope you're all doing well! Just seeing if anyone has any real world experience of working with remote databases? Mainly in a bid to be able to keep the development process between multiple people/places that bit easier? I'm thinking either setting up a traditional MySQL db on the server or even using a DAAS like Google SQL / Amazon? Any thoughts much appreciated!
  19. Does anyone have a recommendation for creating a MySQL connection pool on an Apache httpd server? Every invocation of PW is slowed on this system with about 1 second taken up before any useful work is done, primarily in establishing a database server connection. This is on a VPS, so admittedly it isn't fully under our control, but still...
  20. Hi all, I've just enabled the Session Handler Database module and would like to view the active sessions, however it doesn't display any. Does anyone know why, or what I'm missing?
  21. Hi there, I'm developing locally on my laptop and we have a testing server where I deploy via rsynch + running a DB Dump script. (Exported via MySQLWorkbench) I've noticed that the admin password becomes invalid every time a DB Dump script is run on the server. Is this possibly because there's a hash and/or salt stored alongside the password and my local one is not valid on the server? Are there better practices of synching between my local Processwire and the server instance to prevent the admin password being invalidated?
  22. Creating separate thread as last one was a bit buried. Apologies. I think our VPS provider has been having issues today with their servers and when I tried going to one of our sites we were getting "Unable to complete this request errors". When I turned on debugging, I get the following error Fatal error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_daf_0.MYI' (Errcode: 30) Which sounds to me like it's a problem accessing/writing to the database (on our server)? Could anyone confirm if that sounds right? Cheers guys.
  23. I'm redeveloping a site from MODX to ProcessWire. The client has about 1200 pages and exporting the current database to a CSV and then importing content has been relatively easy using the CSV to pages module. Client is fine with manually porting over 1200 images but as he's just had his 3rd child and is a busy man, i was wondering if there was a way to somehow pull in images from each MODX post and import into each new PW pages a Images field. Looking for general thoughts. I'll have to outsource this as my own database chops are minimal but having some insight can help me brief a dev. Many thanks Peter
  24. Hello to ALL of you! This is my very first PW ... and I need help. I use Wordpress most of the times... So, I am hosting at Dreamhost. All test went well (see snapshot attached), however, when creating the DB I got these 2 lines: Database connection information did not work. SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory I tried it with DN name: "localhost" and with "db.mysite..." as well. Same result. I think a more detailed error message, with reference to "how to resolve it" would be useful... So, what should I do now? How to go on? Thanks a lot, Tamas
  25. Hello, today I run into an interesting problem. Everytime when I trie to add an field it says SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1214 The used table type doesn't support FULLTEXT indexes. I think the problem startet after I installed „formbuilder 0.2.5”. Had anyone here same or equal problems? Today I switched the database from one hoster to another hoster (the problem appears on both of them). Henning I use PW 2.5.29
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