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  1. Hi Adrian 
    sorry to bother you directly. I need to create a page reference field with country names in a multi lingual environment. I have no problem to create child pages inside countries, but only in the default language. Is it possible, to create and fill the title field with the appropriate language, let's say in german (default) and english with batchChildEditor. Somehow I am stuck here.

    Really appreciate your help in advance!

    1. adrian


      The updates to BCE that I built for you work for the titles in different languages - I just retested this, but I've noticed there seems to be an issue with names not working for the non-default language. Taking a look at it now.


    2. adrian


      Ok, just tested again and it's all working as expected - you just need the overwrite page names option enabled and use the Update mode for each additional language. 

      Let me know if you need any help getting this to work.

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