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  1. Any luck getting xdebug and processwire working. I'm in phpstorm as well. I can successfully break anywhere before the Wire class has been instantiated. When breaking, xdebug failed silently or I get the following error.

    Warning: Uncaught Error: Class 'ProcessWire\WireDebugInfo' not found in C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\wire\core\Wire.php:1695 Stack trace: #0 C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\wire\core\Fuel.php(91): ProcessWire\Wire->__debugInfo() #1 C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\wire\core\ProcessWire.php(200): ProcessWire\Fuel->set('wire', Object(ProcessWire\ProcessWire), true) #2 C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\index.php(52): ProcessWire\ProcessWire->__construct(Object(ProcessWire\Config)) #3 {main} thrown in C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\wire\core\Wire.php on line 1695 
    Fatal error: __debuginfo() must return an array in C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\wire\core\Fuel.php on line 91 


    Setting a breakpoint on the Wire.php constructor returns the above error

    public function __construct() {}

    But great news, breakpoints in my templates are actually working. I was unaware that my template were being compiled into the cache directory - setting breakpoints on the cached versions of my template will cause xdebug to properly break.

    I am using php 7.0.13 and xdebug 2.5


  2. I am looking for some advice on setting up a multi-user and multi-school website/application.


    Each school and user will be created by a superuser; so there is no "self registration" functionality (at this point).

    On the back-end, It is important that when user1 logs in he can only see and edit the school1 players.

    On the font-end each school will have it's own url e.g. site.com/school1


    Any hints would be much appreciated.




    • user1 - school1

    • user2 - school1

    • user3 - school2



    • schools

      • school1

      • school2

    • players

      • football players

        • player1 - school1

        • player2 - school1

        • player3 - school2

      • cheerleaders

        • cheerleader1 - school1

        • cheerleader2 - school2

    • advertisments

      • advert1 - school1

      • advert2 - school2

  3. Form Builder may be perfect for my next project. A couple questions:

    1. Is there a way to populate a drop down lists based on a previous selection? eg. selecting a state populates the next list with counties in that state?
    2. Also the client is requesting multi page forms to split up the long form
    3. Finally is there any sort of Conditional Logic where a form will present a set of questions based on a previous choice?


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