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  1. This is my code... But, when i create "else {}" and the image in data is empty, placeholder-user.png is not showing, so i re-type "$config->urls->templates.'assets/img/placeholder-user.png" to $avatar on the top variable, and then when the image in data is empty, placeholder-user.png is showing. I don't know whats wrong with my code, but the code is working for me. Micthew
  2. Hei Guys, I want to ask to you all, how to make template in Admin Page and the file (.php) from inside folder like: site/templates/myFolder/my-new-template.php ? Thank you all
  3. Thank you for your reply, i'll do it _________________________________ Thank you Bernhard, i'll try
  4. hi Mr. @Gideon So Thanks for accepting and replying my topic Oohh i see, but why when i install URL (Multi-language) FieldtypeURLLanguage Module, the Module has requires: LanguageSupportFields Module ? Can you explain to me about that? Thank you before Mr. Gideon
  5. Btw, LanguageSupportFields Module can't to download, the error is "ProcessModule: Error reported by web service: That module is not currently tracked by the modules directory", why?
  6. Nice to meet you all My name is Michael, i'm from Indonesian, i am beginner in ProcessWire CMS ProcessWire CMS is great, i like to use ProcessWire CMS when i build some website. But in this Project, my client want his website have multilanguage feature, but in my country (Indonesian), English language isn't our basic language, we have our own language. So, how can i make multilanguage : Indonesian Language and English Language? 'Cause he said only 2 languages Thank you all, i hope you all can give me some enlightenment I'm apologize for my bad english language😅
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