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  1. Good evening

    I have a website where the content is loaded via Ajax and there is also the comments moduel loaded. Now when submitting a comment I would like to do this via ajax aswell without reloading the whole page.
    Is this possible with the comments core module?

    Would be great if you could give me some hints how to get started.

    Best wishes, L

  2. 1 hour ago, zoeck said:

    You can add a new checkbox field „Show in menu“.
    And then use the selector for this field 😉 

    Hi Zoeck
    Thanky you for your reply - great idea!
    So I added a checkbox field "show_in_menu" and added the following code to my menu options. But I get an error.
    How can I use this checkbox properly for the selector?

    'selector_field' => 'nav_selector',
    'selector' => 'show_in_menu',
  3. Hi there
    I would like to have a menu with dropdowns for the subpages. But sometime I have a lot of subpages I don't want to disply in the menu structure. At the moment I am hiding these pages but this is no solution because then they are also hidden from the search.

    How can I choose which menu-item should show subpages and which not?
    Hope you can give me a hint how to archeive this.
    Best wishes

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