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  1. Thank you all for suggestion. Main reason for this post is that "I would like to outsource development of said website" From the replies that I received, I have feeling that I must elaborate more "on requirement" than shooting in the dark. That would leave readers from doing the guesswork. As i said in my first post, I have restaurants (few of them) at different locations with their own Menu. I would like to deliver food at their doorstep instead of them coming in the restaurant (thanks to Covid-19). Read it as Multi-location feature required. Since this is purely local business within small city, No internationalization, no multi-language, no multiple currencies, no google analytics, no multiple payment methods (just COD and mobile payment) and no CDN please. Traffics from outside the locality will be blocked at server level. If other restaurant wants to join us and use our delivery service, we would like to include them. Read it as multi-restaurant feature required. Sometime, along with the food items, people also ask for groceries and vegetable items. We would like to ADD these services as well. Read it As "basic inventory required". Pro Module "LoginRegisterPro" should be integral part of website (will purchase license). You can include additional Pro Module (or i will purchase for you) IF helps to make design faster and security better. These days people exclusively use mobile devices for ordering, so "location tracking" and distance calculation is desired feature. Also order status notification like (preparing, Out to delivery, Delivered). Website should be responsive, fast. No slider or Carousel or any jazzy feature that consume traffics. Need engine that automatically / dynamically show trending items, most popular items and show/push recommended items. Some examples of type of website that looking for: (content type, not looks) https://demo.tastyigniter.com/ What I like: it covers 80% of my requirement. What I didn't like: Its internationalization distracted me 100%. I have no intention of preparing food here and send it to London or New York 😀 More examples https://www.foodchow.com/fusion/ What I like: Intuitive, easy to use frontend What I didn't like: Rigid backend and no provision for customisation and adding feature that i invisioned. Thank you for reading this far!. btw, I am at time zone GMT+6.
  2. I was not exactly sure where to put it, so this question landed here. I see quiet a number of restaurant website in the "showcase" so I am wondering if there any "ready to use" processwire packages for sale around here. I understand some customization is necessary. Walk-in customers have dried up and I have to do something. Thank you.
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