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  1. Hi all,

    I have a small project which need to get records from Immowelt.de through API.  These records must be on specific user who has entered them. I find the documentation of this API but i don't find something about such selection of user related records. All parameters are for all records in immowelt.de database without user related selection. 


    Anyone with experience with this Immowelt.de API?  

  2. Hello, all 

    I have been thinking for while for simple project management built with ProcessWire.  Projects inside , tasks for every projects with working persons, files for every project with different subjects in project , persons with different rights which working on project and messaging system for each project. It is important for files to have version control.  Anyone with a similar experience for that kind of web application based on ProcessWire or advices are welcome! 

    Thanks in advance!   

  3. ... and i will eat my mouse!

    On the my local machine i have PHP version 7. When I change it to 5.6.10 - no errors anymore. Read and import cvs file correctly into table. 

    Thanks for your support Andrian! 

    I hope that situation will be in plus to your future development of that useful module.

    Thanks again! 


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  4. Hello ! 

    I have a strange problem when importing .csv file. The error is:

    32×PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in .../TableCsvImportExport/TableCsvImportExport.module:360
    16×PHP Notice: Indirect modification of overloaded property TableRow::$Array has no effect in .../TableCsvImportExport/TableCsvImportExport.module:360

    The content of csv file  :


    Can you help me ? 
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