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  1. strip the words.

    as my marketing teacher said, keep it simple and strong. 

    Means: as little words possible to tell your story.

    Try to write about 3 sentences with about 3-5 words maximum in the head. 

    But so far you get a +1 from my part ;)

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  2. Hey Processwire addicted,

    I´ve justed finished my portfolio site named misterui. 

    Just a simple page to give me the oportunity to sell some of my work. 

    The entire page is done with Processwire. 

    I have coded a little eCommerce solution based on template files. 

    Biggest need was that the page could do almost everything automatically, like creating invoice and notification mail. 

    I came up with a front-end solution to handle orders. 

    I could see open orders and closed orders, from the frontend I could advice the system to send the client his download link by just set the order to paid status. 

    Orders are just pages with the data provided by the client and a attached file according to the product the customer ordered. 

    The attached file is automatically deleted after 14 days to save some disk space. 

    Well, pictures say more than thousand words.

    Just watch the attached video which shows the order process and the order handling for the superuser. 



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  3. Joss, I love the wording on your flyer. But is "advertsing" a British spelling (or humor... err humour?), or is that a misspelled word? :)
    It is very ... British!

    Maybe very british means, c´mon let´s make a leaflet in the pub? ;)

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  4. I introduced today one of my clients to Processwire, i've just ported her site from Joomla.

    After 5 minutes clicking, showing and telling she just said: " This is all? So easy?"

    Looks like a new fan :)

    Any similar situations someone?

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  5. Just trying to share my experiences in shops, which are my core business.

    The first thing I usually do the first time I´m testing a new shop system is looking into the template code. 

    I created a Shop mid last year with OpenCart and it tooked me long to understand what happend in the "starting" template.

    The problem is, that the devs wanna show how good the Shop could look and forget about form follows function in most cases. 

    So for my 0,02€ (Yes Euro Cents :P ) try to keep the design approach as simple as possible. 

    Just the ProWi way, give the user the tools but not the markup.

  6. Joss, think about a starting point. 

    If you provide a site profile with too much options out of the box you make it hard for beginners to handle the system. 

    If you want to show whats possible just do a demo profile.

    You set up a profile with bootstrap, for a non bootstrap user it takes some time to get familiar with, keep that in mind.

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