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  1. 2013-02-16 04:28:27 ? Error: Class 'PageRender' not found (line 211 of /share/HDA_DATA/Web/besserlanden/wire/core/Modules.php)

    2013-02-16 04:28:29 ? Error: Class 'PageRender' not found (line 211 of /share/HDA_DATA/Web/besserlanden/wire/core/Modules.php)

    2013-02-16 04:28:52 ? Error: Class 'PageRender' not found (line 211 of /share/HDA_DATA/Web/besserlanden/wire/core/Modules.php)

    not working.

    htaccess updated

    index.php updated

    not really sure which specs this server has, its a qnap NAS TS-212

    i will look for it later this day.

  2. Sure why not?

    Processwire got almost everything implemented what you need. 

    You got User Management, Rights Management, you could edit pages via the normal frontend.

    There are a lot of topics here describing how to change, add and edit pages through API. 

    You finally need a lot of time and a bit of php knowledge and there u go. 

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  3. Hmmmmmm,

    i just deleted exactly what u wanna achieve 2hours ago because i needed an email verification before first login.

    Its definitve possbile to Login a User after registraton.

    My Script was something like this:

    Registry Page.

    Vailidate Input.

    Create User Dashboard as Page.

    Create User.

    Redirect to Dashboard and Login.

    Im back in my office in 20minutes.

    I'll take a look if i could restore the Script.

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  4. to give you a starting point, this is the code snippet from the page i´ve posted

      $options = array(
        'nextItemLabel' => "Weiter",
        'previousItemLabel' => "Zurück",
        'listMarkup' => "<div class='pagination pagination-centered'><ul>{out}</ul></div>",
        'currentItemClass' => "active disabled",
        'itemMarkup' => "<li class='{class}'>{out}</li>",
        'linkMarkup' => "<a href='{url}'>{out}</a>"
      $items = $page->children("limit=10"); 
      $pagination = $items->renderPager($options); 
      echo $pagination; 
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