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  1. Maybe it would be possible to create a repository with ProcessWire profiles (with screenshots, color filtering etc.) for the non-technical people? This could be another selling point. Although I do think the profile installation process should be streamlined with a nice UI or something to make it successful.

    I think this is a good point. Showing what has been done with Processwire. Pick great examples and show how many countless sites are possible with PW. The Skyscraper profile is just a good example for one type of a page.

    To follow the topic - I would support what Natetronn had said. More than just the CMS and the code. A good community, active people creating modules(free or commercial). The profit would be - um yes: More modules and a better community. A vicious circle ...

  2. I'm pushing this a little bit...

    Just searched on a "designer community" for processwire and found , that the original draft of the new PW homepage was posted a year before the soft launch. In my opionion, that show how solid and good this design is - that you find it modern and nice after one year.

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  3. Nice site, the folding "sites" are a great idea.

    Only thing I want to suggest is to redo the shadow on the bottom of the colored boxes. Looks cheap in my opinion ( and it doesn't fit the background color really well).

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  4. Thanks.

    We were just under the limit before they had to do what you said. We came in contact because we've done the website for a youth project in Heidenheim (Gewalt ohne Mich). It didn't take decades but something around 7-8 months and then - thanks to PW - only another month to complete the site. ;)

    Not completly sure here, customer contact isn't my part of the job ;)

  5. Our next site created with Processwire is online:


    You could describe it as a department of the agency for employment here in Germany. This site is often visited to find out about

    the business hours and how to contact your special counterpart. Another important factor for the client was the use of their "Leitbild"- and as you can see, they're used all over the page and the "WIR"(we) is written in the special font.

    Beside the front page, have a look to "Ansprechpartner" . Every person you can find here is a single page in PW. I've attached a screenshot from the backend.


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  6. Have a look at those sad panoramas at http://panorama.philippreiner.de/


    It's just a little idea I've had this afternoon.

    I wanted to post easily from my iPhone to a Processwire installation without using the admin backend*

    (*= Because I have to login, navigate to the site, click through pages,...)

    1. I'm using the tumblr iOs App to post to a Tumblog. (Screen) .
    2. Now I'm using apeisas Data Import to get the data from the Tumblr API . I'm using the old v1.1 API because the XML is easier to fetch. The posts are now saved to PW
    3. Because I wasn't able to programm a better solution, I'm downloading the images from the URL stored in a field to the original images field. I can now use the PW image functions.
    4. Now I can use them as normal pages, do the simple template and start posting.

    Only problem, the images from tumblr are resized down to 1280px on the long edge.

    Also, the site is responsiv and the images are loading with lazyload using a <noscript> fallback for older browsers.

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  7. Using the default search.php template I'm getting an error when searching " * " (Example on the processwire.com site).

    Error Exception: Unknown Selector operator: '~=*' -- was your selector value properly escaped?

    I've tried to sanitize the input but it didn't work. I could use a "classic" PHP filtering but maybe there is a better solution with the Processwire API?

    I'm note sure if this was known before but the forum search didn't find any matches.

  8. I like the design and also the responsive approach.

    But please - just as apeisa said: Make the controls of the Browser working or remove the hover effect. None functional UI elements are really annoying. Also, maybe make the link clickable oder add a link to the actual referencepage ( I don't want to copy and paste the link from the fake browser windows). With processwire, this shouldn't be a problem ;)

  9. Thanks, It works and the images are linked to the right page.

    Still I wouldn't do this, because it could be that it grabs the same image from the same page in a row.

    I want to grab X Images from each page, but together no more than 24.

    For Example:

    Page A has 28 Images

    Page B has 10 Images

    Page C has 7 Images

    So I've a total of 45 Images and 3 pages. Now I want to get a random image of this "imagepool" until I have 24. I think it was your code I've found on the forum that I'm using right now:

     $images = new WireArray();
     $pa = $pages->find("portfolio.count>0, template=licht, sort=random");
     foreach($pa as $p){
     foreach($images->getRandom(27) as $img):

    I'll try to get this together ;)

  10. http://conclurer.com

    Design + Code

    Another page I have created with Processwire. This is "our" own portfolio + contact and news. The contact page was created with Ryans experimental Contactmodul.

    So far, our site has gone through 3 stages.

    First we had our old Typo3 installation and the first design. You can find the remains here. Then we just migrated the design and content to Processwire(2nd Page). Finally, I've rebuild the site from skretch with Processwire last month.

    Not perfect but I have the feeling that I'm getting better with every website I make.

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  11. I have multiple pages with the template "licht" and these pages contain images(in a field called "portfolio"). My idea is to have an overview about all those images an their corresponding pages.

    I couldn't figure out the code to select (for example) 24 random images and their pageurl.

    My code so far:

    $i = 0;
    //Made a wireArray for the 24pages containing the images
    $bilder = new WireArray();
    // Find all target pages
    $seiten = $pages->find('template=licht ,portfolio.count> 0');
    //Fill the array with the pages.
    // I might not have 24 unique pages so I use them multiple times.
    while($i < 24) {
    // Loop with the Imagepages
    foreach($bilder as $bild):
    <a href="<?=$bild->url;?>">
    <img src="<?=$bild->portfolio->getRandom()->size(180,180)->url;?>" height="150" width="150"/>
    <?php endforeach;?>

    One problem - as explained in the source code- is that I might only have less than 24 unique pages. So I want to grab more than one image from every page.

    I only could get 24 random images but then I can get the right URL..

    tl:dr: I want to grab 24 random images from multiple Pages and I want to link to the corresponding page, and thats why I need the url

  12. This page was designed and programmed for Typo3 but then I decided to give Processwire a chance. It was quick and easy to transfer the html-template (which was made by friend) to the Processwire template folder. We kept the Processwireversion because we liked the clean and "simple" administration interface.


    The site itself is about a german club for young political parties in our town.

    (Yes I know, the font rendering is kinda bad on windows)

    Retrospectively it was the best move to switch to Processwire. I can create templates and fields to fit my needs and most of my sites are not that complex to use Typo3 or another bloated CMS.

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