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  1. Hi 

    I'm a medium pro in php and process wire and not so firm in all programming aspects. I just installed this model on a dev site and found it very easy to handle and perfect in functionality - thanks for this.

    But in my PromailerPro installation I found that starting from a short form in the footer from where a user - after inserting his email address - he gets redirected to the profiler subscribe form. Here his email address is prefilled, but unfortunately also encrypted (what looks rather strange at this place - cf screenshot)

    To solve this I commented out line 47 in the EmailToEncryptedMailto.module.php

    // $html = preg_replace_callback($this->patternEmail, array($this, 'replaceTextEmails'), $html);

    And found all working fine for now - didn't do too much testing so far. So: long question short: do you think this an appropriate hack, or do you see any problem going the quick and dirty with it?

    Br Thomas

    Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-24 um 11.05.57.png

  2. Ah - this works: thanks a lot! - yes I had to change the default to de-DE; but works fine - what would the solution be, if it were a site with 3 different languages?

    Or when I would like not only to have the correct translation for month but also a different pattern for German and English (i.E. 1. Jan. 2023 vs. 1st of jan. 2023

  3. 1 hour ago, monollonom said:

    @Thomas -Allwinds Webstudio when creating your IntlDateFormatter, do you set the locale based on the user’s language or is hard-coded like in your code sample?

    It depends on how you named your languages or which one is your default but maybe it could be:

    $datum = $concert->date;
    $fmt = new \IntlDateFormatter($user->language->isDefault() ? "en_US" : "de-DE",
    $fmt->setPattern('E, d. LLLL yyyy, HH:mm');
    echo $fmt->format($datum);


    I use the multi-lang template that pw provides. And I did not check this as the language switcher worked fine until now that I have this issue with the date formatting. I actually set the html lang element to the current lang of the page. Does this help?

  4. Hi,

    I need your help ?

    I try to display date/time info in a multi-language processwire setting. 

    Can you please indicate me which of the above solutions will work to display the different date/time formats on the respective lang page. At the moment the Date is only rendered the way I want in German but not on the English page. (My output for my date field in the backend is not formatted.)

    The code below gives me this results:
    German: Sa., 4. März 2023, 09:00
    English: 2023/03/04 09:00:00


    $datum = $concert->date;
    $fmt = new \IntlDateFormatter('DE',
    $fmt->setPattern('E, d. LLLL yyyy, HH:mm');
    echo $fmt->format($datum);
  5. Hi everybody

    I downloaded a new master-package (Instead of using the integrated update-modul, as planned) and installed it the usual way; after some messages about models that have to be updated the installation worked fine ;-)

    I think it was a problem with some modules that where not recognized correctly; so maybe the first time the master-package was not uploaded as it should be by ftp.

    So for now: everything works fine - as always with ProcessWire (except this one time due to some mysterious circumstances - and I thank Teppo a lot for his support! I really love to work with ProcessWire ;-) 

  6. I just did the upgrade of the core installation of a productive site. When I tried to modify any content of a page I got this error-report in my log-File: "Unserialization of configuration schema failed, sha1 of file was .... [here the sha1-number]".

    Who can give me a hint? What is wrong? Where to search?

    Thanks a lot, Thomas 

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