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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    I've spent alot of time templating after setting up the pages but found that the pages are inculded, say in a list or menu, (even though title, url, and dates have been created for that page), unless there is some content they dont show.

    THIS IS REALLY ANNOYING, and maybe there should be a big notive somewhere to say that this happens if this is to be left.


  2. I know you guys have already talked about this a lot, but I use wolf CMS and Frog CMS and just started using processwire and I love having both:

    save and close (back to list)

    save and continue editing

    both buttons I use all the time. Not sure how useful a 'save and create child button' would be as I would always want to check that the current page works before creating a child.


  3. your right, it was in the admin section. the page was 'Latest News' and the name field was filled in automatically as 'latest-news'. But as I mentioned I seem to get errors alot, but I'll put them up when incounted again.


  4. Im used to Wolf CMS and Wordpress

    Wordpress creates articles that can then be read out in different ways, where as Wolf creating different child pages that are then printed out by its parent (if thats how you've do it etc), just wondered if there was a way someone had already done to create a article structure, or am i just dealing with lots and lots of child pages again??? (say you have 20 -100 articles things can get quite bulky in the backend)

  5. I would love processwire to work for me but i continuously has problems - the latest is adding a child page of 'home' it gives me an odd error after filling in the name form

    - Can't save page 0: /0/: It has an empty 'name' field

    I'm running on 34sp.com servers - installation passed most of teh checks other than not being able to determine server type and finding mod_rewrite on.

    Any ideas would be great, thanks.

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