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  1. On 6/20/2020 at 11:21 PM, cb2004 said:

    Would be nice if this was supported in the core as well in the settings tab. I setup my redirects in there now and use the 404 logger module as that seems to cater for my current needs when rebuilding a site

    yeah, core redirects would make sense, something that I can imagine seems common enough and can link in with the tracking of page url changes and redirecting.

    not sure I understand how you're doing it, can you explain?

  2. ProcessRedirects doesn't seem to support forwarding wo url with queries, this possible to enable?

    e.g. my forwarded url is added as /page/?somevar=1 but the forwarded url goes to /page/

  3. Hello, and welcome to what I though was either my client being silly and changing things, or some evil doer. Turns out its reproducible and therefore something in Proceswire (I checked my templates and modules but couldnt find anything that would be doing this...). So what is it doing? Check out the video for evidence.

    A repeater field is interacting with a page template and another repeater field somehow to swap the fields in the template and repeater over...

    I have a template called team, and a repeater field called team_repeater with label Team. Some how and for some reason, when I change my fields on repeater called main_menu_links my team template gets those fields and when I try and revert the team template fields to the fields it should have, they get given to the repeater main_menu_links. Also this to say HELP!!!!!

    video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/exkdhc6n7x0xpsa/strange-repeater-PW-mega-bug.mov?dl=0

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  4. Anyone done much with plans/products/subscriptions? going round in circles abit. looking to create a customer, add and plan/subscription, and charge them for the first installment, but cant seem to work out the API flow to put it all together 😞

  5. 10 hours ago, Rob(AU) said:

    Hi Ben, I've been using another Payments module. Am I understanding correctly that yours does not depend on the PaymentModule?

    If not I can uninstall the unused modules ...



    It does, but doesnt really need to. it uses the PaymentModule for inhereitance of structure. As my module doesn't totally adhere to the render structure it might be worth striping out the dependancy at some point.

  6. 1 hour ago, elabx said:

    Piece of cake with ProcessWire I say 😄!

    Registration with LoginRegister Pro, feedback/rating with comments module and probably I'd think of an admin dashboard or someway to present comments/rating in a nicer way than just going to the video page and look at the fields. 

    If you didnt want to build an admin module you could add functionality to your templates depending on the user role. e.g. Superuser can see who has watched each video on the video's page, and you could provide a page which only exists for the admin that displays a list of videos and users who have watched them etc etc

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  7. GRRRRRRRR ok found something that worked in the form settings for pages two levels deep i have to turn off Disable session tracking and CSRF protection? which must be getting in the way and disallowing everything. not sure how to get around this but might add a honey pot as replace meant... but either way I get LOTS of spam before sooooooo not great... gonna have to fob off FormBuilder at this rate

  8. I have a a form in my site footer that can be accessed anywhere on site, I've added the form in the _inc.php file and added the render in the pages footer.php. However, this works well on the homepage e.g. you can submit said form and get a thank you on reload, doesnt work at all on other pages... Just lots like a fresh reload. Any thing im doing wrong here or ways to diagnose as there isn't an error log for formbuilder etc...?

  9. no problem at all. You gave me an idea actually, maybe we could try ProFields:Tables and setup a simple set of fields for each form element–might contrains the types of inputs you could use but might be a start... maybe wth a set of defaults that can be stored somewhere else.

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  10. Hi, Looking to create form elements on a page–some input with a colection of form inputs and the appropriate labels and variables for that input. I've used ProForms in the past and rolled out my own when creating simply one off forms, but I wonder if anyone has found a good way of allowing form creation on page editing so that clients can adhocly make and edit forms?


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  11. Unable to install module (ProcessRedirects): Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

    get this when installing ProcessRedirects on PW 3.0.139. It adds an empty admin page to Setup and dies before publishing. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. 43 minutes ago, strandoo said:

    @benbyf Hi Ben. I've been trying out this module and modified the form for use with the Padloper shopping cart. (I was using a different Stripe module but I needed to upgrade to one that uses Intents). All is working well, but I've just realised that I've got a lot of 'incomplete' transactions listed in my Stripe Admin panel. I see the cancelIntent() function in the module, but I'm not sure when/how I should call this. Could I use this to get rid of my backlog of incomplete transaction? Sorry if I'm  being thick, but I guess I don't quite understand the Stripe Intents concept. Thanks.

    Great to hear its working for you. I have the same issue but its nothing that is wrong per say. Everytime a intent is created it creates an incomplete transaction on your account which is then followed by a completed transaction or failed depending on the user suceeding in the transaction. If you can work out how to get around this let me know, but I thought it was just a quirk of the new way of working.

  13. On 11/30/2012 at 11:22 AM, Soma said:

    Working example:

    $pa = $pages->find("template=basic-page,images.count>0");
    foreach($pa as $p){
       foreach($p->images as $i){
           $ImageSizer = new ImageSizer($i->filename);


    will this need a $p->save to make it work?

  14. 1 minute ago, gebeer said:

    If someone wanted to wrap this into a portable inputfield module, they could create an module which extend InputfieldTable class and add the logic there. 🙂

    this would be ace. if I had more time I would look into it, but sort of scares me. 😕

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