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  1. Always liked this and sums up how we should be thinking. Make things better people :) https://t.co/7le0meiC48

  2. RT @Lady_Ada_King: re CSS, Just cause something is easy to get started with does not mean it is simple or easy to master. Same applies to l…

  3. RT @TechCrunch: 5 reasons why Apple's animoji are dumb https://t.co/zooXFIq3hk https://t.co/K6jHxUFOU0

  4. @APPG_AI the event today being live streamed somewhere?

  5. Latest episode of The Machine Ethics podcast with @matthewchannon_ on Law, insurance & future of #AutomatedVehicles https://t.co/0izbvoNj49

  6. List: Nihilistic Password Security Questions. https://t.co/2Ap54bgAlb

  7. a very pro utilitarian view, which is simply one option. good explantation, but not any real life examples. https://t.co/c93Z1Qz9GI

  8. If it was up to me I would ban human drivers tomorrow after the traffic & bad driving on the M25 and M4 today :|

  9. RT @WevolverApp: Using a Showerloop saves 33,000 litres of water and 1 MWH of energy per person per year https://t.co/TadfSOpLor https://t.…

  10. Yes I am a robot #beingthere https://t.co/Zc59m5mPMo

  11. @itvdinnerdate sorry not single

  12. .@theresa_may can stop Donald Trump wrecking the Paris Climate Deal. Sign the petition: https://t.co/rDVXj1ucTg #lawsofnature

  13. RT @forcehabit: Announcing ‘makenines’ - an ambient logic-puzzle game, coming to iOS & Android on Friday. 9/9/2016. https://t.co/EIRfZqeFya…

  14. RT @forcehabit: Happy birthday @aardman! Great stuff, straight out o’ Bristol. https://t.co/kqea54WSTF

  15. RT @HistoryInPix: A Woman riding an Autoped, 1916 https://t.co/OUh7RSbhzs

  16. @_marcusherrmann what would you recommend?

  17. my current #opensource themes / profiles in #processwire #CMS https://t.co/pg12VumkSY

  18. @NicolasVerge designed better to interact with mainly, nothing to do with the puzzles, I love puzzles! Just not obvious how things are used

  19. Site of the week feature for @thomasforsyth site made by myself as featured by the #processwire… https://t.co/nFUtXIvbDb

  20. RT @THECUBELondon: Minds and machines: The art of forecasting in the age of artificial intelligence via @DU_Press #AI #machineethics https…

  21. women & innovation get money - check it: https://t.co/k3MYqB9xg1

  22. RT @RickKing16: #CGI 3D Animated Short HD: "Hé Mademoiselle" - by ESMA https://t.co/iBFBPxqis6 https://t.co/eqeTNKHOJ7

  23. @MillsHoneywell nice pic on @innovateuk

  24. @borantula thats a real shame. Ive used @processwire 5 years now & always found it practical for myself as a dev & super easy for clients

  25. @johnlewisretail your website is infuriating

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