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  1. Thank you so much. These links were really helpful. ❤️
  2. Hi, I tried your suggestion but couldn't actually figure out how to do it. So I searched and found this to fix ERR_CACHE_MISS In Google Chrome. Also, there was a thread in StackOverflow too. Should I go with the fixes in them? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26515991/chrome-err-cache-miss
  3. Yes, I found this first. However, i couldn't find any necessary solution.
  4. Quick update - You can understand about the form here - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14669745/how-can-i-submit-a-form-and-go-to-another-page-when-its-done
  5. Hi, Though I already found a related thread to my problem, I couldn't find the fix for it. So, I have a page with a form for searching field data. So, whenever you see the results through the link, I see an error. Whenever someone clicks to view a detail and try to go back to the results page I get ERR_CACHE_MISS on Chrome and Firefox. How do I fix this. Any input would help. 
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