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  1. @elabx @netcarver @Robin S - thank you all for your fast replies. This forum is so amazing, the people are pleasant and even newbies get instant help. 🙂

    @Robin S - the textformatter-srcset looks perfect for my needs. I'm bewildered that I not found this while search around in the module repository, google and this forum. Whatever, I'll give it a try. Is this module ready for PW 3? every experiences with it?

  2. Hey Folks!

    I'm stuck here with a problem and getting nuts 🤓 

    I'm try to modify the output of the ckeditor image with a addHookAfter function. Is this possible? I want to add some custom css classes and render an predefined srcset, so the editor don't has to take care about. The final output should look like this:

    <img class="my-custom-class lazyload" srcset="path/to/image/image.jpg 600w, path/to/image/image.jpg 1000w, path/to/image/image.jpg 1400w" src="path/to/image/image.jpg">

    But I won't use javascript for that.

    Anyone who can help me?

    Thanks in advance!

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