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  1. 3 hours ago, BitPoet said:

    If you don't need to search by specific field names nested in the matrix, you could add a concatenated (hidden) textarea field, hook into saveReady and render the matrix contents into that field. Then include that field for your search.

    Or, if you want to be able to search by property names (at any depth) have at least MySQL 5.7.8, you could try out the attached module JsonSearchable.zip. It's a field type derived from Textarea that uses native JSON storage. Supposed you made a page field named "myfield" and entered a JSON of:

                "title":"Hello World",
                "title":"This is Funny",

    You could e.g. search for


    Note however that this kind of search on many large datasets can be an absolute performance killer. Numeric comparisons are not supported.

    Thanks so much for your help! Ill give that a try, but i dont know if we are running into performance issues as the datasets can get really big.. 

  2. 12 hours ago, dragan said:

    What's the big picture? Where are these JSON files coming from? Do you just build a frontend with externally fetched JSON data?

    Do you have to fetch / update JSON data on a regular basis?

    Or do you create this JSON yourself?

    Hey, so basically its our inhouse system for Travel Bookings, it provides an API for all tours added into that system. With All Kinds of data, and its pretty nested as well..

    Yes i have to fetch it ervery 3 hours or so to keep them up to date. 

    No i dont create the json myself!


    The Bigpicture :

    So if i have imported the json data somehow in a Page or something...(with Dates, Rates .. ) then i would add some rich content.. Pictures, Descriptions to that tour .. 

    After that, the tours need to be searchable from the website...eg. search.php?dateFrom=01.01.2018&dateTo=05.10.2018


  3. Hi Guys,

    So i have a big piece of Json data for a Travel - Tour 

    all kinds of rates, dates, services and so on.. 

    The Structure of the Json slightly changes here and there depending on the Tour. 

    What would be the best way to import that data in processwire to make it easily searchable etc trough the API.. ? 

    I tried Multi Level Repeater Matrixes which are good and would do the job, but then i have no big options to search trough that data.. 

    Would really appreciate all input!

    Thanks so much

  4. Hi guys, so i ran into an issue.

    I have an Import Script for Products, each product has some images.

    When i save them to Processwire the Images get uploaded. 

    But when i run the importer again, the images are uploaded again, with filename-1, filename-2 etc..

    Is there a way to prevent this.. so if an image already exists within a page i doesnt get uploaded again ? A Possibility would be to add the Source Url of the image as Metadata to the image and then check before uploading if it already exists or something?

    Help is really appreciated! 


  5. Hi Guys,

    Just started to dig into pw and i really like it, but i have some questions which i cant really figure out.

    We are running a travel portal with different tours and hotels.


    At the moment we are using direcuts which makes it really easy to create relations

    many to many, and many to one 


    I saw different possibilites in PW (ChildPages, Repeaters) but none of them seems to totally satisfy our needs.. 


    Lets say i have a tour and i want to define the Flights for that Tour.

    From The Tour i would create a Field (Flights) as a Repeater.

    Within that Repeater i have 6 Fields

    Airline (Another Relation to Airline Pages... ? or is there any other way of creating a list of airlines once and use them as relation?)
    Flightnumber (text)
    ArrivalTime (Datetime)
    DepartureTime (Datetime)
    DateFrom (DateTime)
    DateTo (DateTime)

    Till here everything works, but then how can i Add new airlines from the TOUR page ?

    There is a way i found was to create new airlines but i can only define the title field, everything else has to be edited afterwards going into the Airline Page and set the Values..


    Another Way is to create a Page for Each Flight with those 6 fields, but then sill i cant create and edit child pages directly from that TOUR page, i would need to create it first and then link to it from the TOUR Page.

    Thank you so much for your answers & Help!



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