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  1. Thanks for your reply. I have seen this answer.

    It points to a setting in the Page Names configuration of the Language Support module. I think this is were my problem comes in: In order for the multi-site module to work, the "name" of the page needs to be the actual domain that redirects to this part of the multi-site environment for both languages. 

    So "somedomain.com" as name for both "/en/" and "/de/".

    But in order to have Processwire redirect a user to a specific language version of the homepage, the "name" of the homepage needs to be that of a language, so "/de/" and "/en/" in my case.







  2. Hi everyone,

    I am using ProcessWire to run a multi-site environment using the Multisite module by Soma.

    It's working great with one small caveat. It always defaults to the English version of the site. So when you access the base url (somedomain.com) it always redirects to somedomain.com/en/. In my particular case I need it to go to the Germany version somedomain.com/de/.

    Some things I've tried:

    • I've tried fiddling around with the AutoDetectLanguage module to have a user redirected based on the detected browser language - didn't work.
    • I've also tried messing with a module that changes what the default homepage is (smth like DefaultHomepage I believe), but that also had no affect.
    • I used the Redirect module to have the root ('/') redirected to specific language URL ('/de/) - also didn't work

    My guess is that it has something to do with the default language in the setup which is set to english, but I am not sure.

    Has anyone else come accross this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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