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  1. On 1/27/2023 at 6:01 PM, Sebi said:

    Hey @Jukka, I don't know when I find time to test that out, but can you maybe try if deactivating the URL hook in the AppApi module settings helps? I had problems with reading values of SeoMaestro when the "new" hooks were activated. Maybe its something related...

    Hi @Sebi! I tried your trick to Deactivate URL hook but it doesn't seem to affect in this SelectOption problem.

    Btw I updated my site to the newest PW development version (3.0.211) and now I got $page->sf->title method working - URL Hook activated or deactivated, it doesn't seem to matter. But I still can't get actual value of a field any other way than that I descriped before. Do you have any ideas where the problem could be?

  2. Hi! I have problem to get value from Select Option field (FieldtypeOptions) when using AppApi. If i add this type of field to page and try to access it with $page->selectfield i can't get any data from it. I have also tried $page->selectfield->value and $page->selectfield->title but none of these methods doesn't seams to work. Input type for this field is SELECT (Single value). I don't know if this problem only affects AppApi or if this is more related to Processwire?

    // Any of these methods doesn't work
    // sf = Select Options field
    // This way I got value from object key but not title
    $item = $page->get("sf.value");
    $value = array_get_first($item);

    What is strange is that If i add Select input field that is inside of Combo field it works as expected.

    // When Select field is inside Combo field everything works
    // cmb = Combo field
    // sf = Select field inside combo


  3. Nice to hear that you would be willing to develop cache compatibility for AppApi! Unfortunately, I don’t have the knowledge or skills to help you with the implementation ? Is there anyone in this forum that could help @Sebi with the development?

  4. This is amazing module - big thanks to you @Sebi! I'm using this mostly for communicating with Vue3 frontend and the workflow is very smooth.

    With my latest project, I just noticed that JSON processing time is starting to be too slow (~3.5sec) because there are so many searches. So I would have asked if you have any plans to further develop compatibility with ProCache or any other caching solutions?

  5. Hi @ryan,

    this module is very big time saver for me. I'm also a fan of ProFields Combo and i use both of these regularly.

    My question is that is there any plans to add support for Combo field type? Now i have to do multiple conversions and helper fields for imports if i want to use Combo fields. I have got the impression that it shouldn't be too hard for this field type?

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