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  1. Could you consider setting scrollWheelZoom: false as option for the backend?

    I inadvertently easily change carefully set zoom settings just by scrolling the edit-page with the Trackpad or mousewheel. :-)

  2. Small Website for German Food Magazine Subscriptions - according to design guidelines from the client.


    It's more of a web application than just a website. Lots of code under the hood.

    • Has a flip-book catalogue (see "Magazin")
    • Collecting subscriptions and individual orders and forwarding them condensed in daily reports to the distributor as csv files according to their guidelines.
    • Timed drawings with automatic selection of the winners, and more...

    Heavily relies on/and extends the FormBuilder PRO module.


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  3. Small Website (in German) for Holiday Apartment Rentals at the German Coast (Island of Sylt).


    Main target group: German Seniors

    Website is fully responsive, uses UIKIT and the PRO modules, Table, ProCache, FormBuilder... and, yes, I admit: the good ol' tacky snowfall animation during Christmas.

    Images are provided by the client, not by us. They will be replaced with new ones with higher resolutions  during this Summer season.



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  4. Not sure it has been mentioned before: If changing the email-name, the saved password is silently removed. Is this intended?

    I would like a warning here, if there is a case where the saved password gets reset for some reason and needs to be entered again.

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  5. The update throws an error here on PW 3.0.39 (a problem with namespace?):

    79:     require_once(\ProcessWire\wire('files')->compile(dirname(\ProcessWire\wire("config")->paths->root . 'site/modules/PageimageRemoveVariations/PageimageRemoveVariations.module') . '/PageimageRemoveVariationsConfig.php',array('includes'=>true,'namespace'=>true,'modules'=>false,'skipIfNamespace'=>false)));
    80:            $c = new \ProcessWire\PageimageRemoveVariationsConfig();


  6. I found a conflict with PW 3:

    I could not duplicate a page from the page tree. Messages on page tree page (default Admin):

    Bildschirmfoto 2.png


    Maybe some checks about the publishing should be left out when a page is just beeing duplicated.

    I.m.h.o the publish_from and publish_until fields should be simply cleared for the fresh duplicate (even if required)?

    (Or is this something I need to report as PW issue?)

  7. deine-lakaien.jpg

    A new band website for the German electronic avant-garde band DEINE LAKAIEN.

    The idea was to make this an introduction website for media and new listeners. For in-depth information, the website is accompanied by another new ProcessWire website (with an integrated xenforo forum) for the fanclub: colour-ize.com. and the label website chrom.de. All three websites use the same UI and re-occurring elements (while preserving a unique look), so people find their way around easily.

    Design/programming details:

    It was tried to make the dark look (which is the band CI) feeling modern and artistic (avoiding a Nineties look which so many dark themed websites have).

    The website is built in my spare time in 5 weeks thanks to the ease of ProcessWire 3 and is fully responsive (using uikit and Hype). ProcessWire's new language features were more than welcome to make language management a breeze (People coming from WordPress know what I mean).

    The backend is build in a way that non-techies (band, volunteer translators, fanclub, booking) can handle the CMS without needing much support and knowledge of SEO. Everything is explained or almost self-explanatory. And the complex internal link-building is done either fully automatic or half automatic. 

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  8. Just for the record: I just had the problem that pages with a certain template did not save content any more.

    There was the green notification "Saved" but the changed fields have forgotten any changes made.

    The reason was that I had a fieldset in the template in the wrong order: The fieldset_END part was before the opening fieldset part. Maybe there was some inadvertent dragging of the wrong field. (tested with ProcessWire 3.34)

    Maybe this is useful to know for someone having the same mystery issue.


    This issue was solved in PW 3.35

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  9. One idea: if both have the same name (which can happen) it can be clearer that 2 different operations are covered if non default language names are added?


    renamed basic-page news as news2

    renamed basic-page news DE  as news2

    (maybe a different bg color for the language part)

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