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  1. "it's time to turn off Java for good" http://t.co/IP0I34K5 - I couldn't agree more. Java has no business existing in browsers anymore.

  2. Keep tweeting - even after you die. http://t.co/VFc3rEXa (bizzarre...)

  3. "Trailing Comma" PHP RFC: http://t.co/Bry8TyDT - does anyone else think this just makes PHP even uglier?

  4. am I the only one who think this completely hillarious? counting the asteroids doesn't increase risk or create more asteroids, does it?! ;-)

  5. posted this on php-internals http://t.co/p7gSjwNP I'm sure I'll burn for this one.

  6. more than 10 years ago, an employer told me, "you put too much honor into your work!" - I have been honored to disappoint him ever since :-)

  7. holy crap @Oracle http://t.co/w8g21Bjm what's the point of even tracking bugs if you leave them open and verified for 5 years or more??

  8. I may have uncovered a pretty serious bug in @MySQL - please take a look and see if it's repeatable on your system? http://t.co/x1mkjomW

  9. brilliant business model: "CAPTCHA is stupid, so we invented a new kind of CAPTCHA!" - er... huh? http://t.co/jak5xZuH

  10. please, spare me from performance arguments for NoSQL. RDBMS performs fine for 95% of projects. Tell me why it's *better*, not just faster.

  11. password cryptography makes it sound like you're cooking: first salt it, then hash it, then let it simmer in a warm database - delicious!

  12. if you know a great employer in #Portland #Oregon I am now officially looking for my next job http://t.co/r0n1s7ZY #hireme

  13. Dear @Google, @Adobe, @Mozilla : ever head of the Windows Task Scheduler? No need for continuously running services to check for updates!

  14. "Man made laws are attempts to deal with occurring problems, and not knowing how to solve them, they make a law." - Jacque Fresco

  15. clever how @dominos advertises the price of a pizza with no toppings, and then doesn't price the toppings until you're ALL done ordering :-/

  16. if you want to deliver cutting-edge stuff, you can't wait for others to solve your problems - you have to live on the cutting-edge.

  17. so what do you do about ringtone sites distributing your music without permission? lawsuit? :-)

  18. there are fundamental mathematical problems with the concept of "money" that I will never be comfortable with. the idea is flawed.

  19. does this ever worry you? http://t.co/9jGv62tv - make me wonder if @googlechrome needs more granular security for extensions.

  20. really liking the animation-free source code browser on @bitbucket better than @github - faster and more direct.

  21. Finds Java too complex for scripting in browsers. Derives JavaScript. Finds it too simple for big apps. Creates Java to JavaScript compiler.

  22. a truly awesome bug report http://t.co/e65QobvA and it's been open since 2002. fix it!! ;-)

  23. is it fair to say that the opposite of test-driven development is "error-driven development"? ;-)

  24. is C still the "closest to the machine" language? (other than ASM) - I mean, modern CPUs are way different from CPUs in the early days of C?

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