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  1. "economics" is a misnomer - it should be termed simply "finance", since being economical with any resource other than money is not a factor

  2. sites that "gray out" and prompt for you to register, with no option to close the prompt, are increasingly common. how completely arrogant.

  3. click and drag to select a range of checkboxes #jquery http://t.co/f6ZRbEg44A

  4. http://t.co/nDIrTKwTYe is 5 years old, no longer relevant, and never worked due to this bug in PHP: http://t.co/8yXKdSZwRj #suck

  5. I'd be curious to see what those eye-ball focus heat-maps show during pre-video ads on the web...

  6. I'm not sure how I feel about this http://t.co/hWHPbQNQ1I but I was pretty upset when Pluto was deemed "not a planet", too ;-)

  7. Google is down. I feel somewhat decapitated.

  8. I wonder if @Oracle heard my @MySQLWorkbench bitch-fest on Twitter this morning - they just announced they're hiring https://t.co/TRjM7QupI7

  9. more than 200 users voted for Stylus support in @phpstorm by now http://t.co/mf4ipeI2EY - played with Stylus on friday, fairly impressive.

  10. some important remarks by @brandonsavage and @AmyStephen about speaking in absolute terms about programming: http://t.co/uGzpxtuHlI

  11. the more I think about DI lately, the more I feel like it hides something that should be out in plain daylight. anybody else feel that way?

  12. finally, the basics of AngularJS explained in mortal human terms http://t.co/yL5ye6jF5e - oddly, the explanation comes from Adobe :-)

  13. Laravel 4 seems to have eliminated a lot of the ugly - only classes that deal with types (ORM, DI, etc.) rely heavily on statics now.

  14. NASA plans to capture an asteroid http://t.co/3LEWSQTrJH and it's not even april 1st yet

  15. blah blah, microsoft hard at work making the next version of windows glitzier for the 1% of users on tablets http://t.co/Pntk6sxOrW

  16. got a feeling @angularjs will have pretty broad IDE support soon - anyone thought about a server-side PHP view-engine using angular markup?

  17. this is such an unbelievably bad idea http://t.co/FqnocI1m1J

  18. hacked out a plain JS fiddle last night that displays my GitHub activity http://t.co/bxvNCiPHyw using it on my blog http://t.co/5amk0L5El1

  19. good pointers on how to make a design more friendly http://t.co/Yn55v6g76R

  20. PHP REPL in 1 line of code: php -r "while(fwrite(STDOUT,chr(10).'php> ')&&($c=fgets(STDIN)))($r=eval('return '.$c.';'))&&var_export($r);"

  21. blogged: "Sustainable Web Development" http://t.co/WxHJxsyrDp

  22. I added a giant WTF to the documentation for PDOStatement::fetchObject() http://t.co/KSnbLOfXNb - wow. this is so broken.

  23. moved my timestamp helper to a real repo and added namespace for autoloading http://t.co/qaYp9uVhrR

  24. date/time as objects (rather than value-types) is a fucking terrible idea - I came up with this to handle timestamps: http://t.co/gBaXCvOING

  25. 5.3 is now the most used version of PHP http://t.co/t7Du1IFv14

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