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  1. darnit @github, put the "README.*" file at the TOP of my Gists. Pretty please with sugar on top.

  2. the SitePoint newsletter today includes 100s of headlines, some of them "lorem ipsum" ... oopsum! :-)

  3. Mononome samples old vinyl, chops it on a sampler, and turns it into brilliant new music http://t.co/OQh0MEb9vT

  4. Opinion: icon fonts are a terrible solution to the retina/scalability problem http://t.co/DTnmoaLKjZ

  5. oh no, php, you didn't... function fool($you, $me, $me) { var_dump($you, $me); } fool('you', 'me', 'cheater');

  6. just discovered @johnlindquist's goldmine of @angularjs tutorials: http://t.co/VqdrmDh0BS - how did I not know about these?? :-)

  7. amazing toolkit for prototyping a language https://t.co/PZsAewjCRk

  8. reported the @phpstorm issue with an example that demonstrates why this feature would be awesome (if it worked) http://t.co/I2bLjahA6b

  9. okay, never mind - it almost works, but it's buggy in the latest @PhpStorm release... filing a bug-report...

  10. seriously, at least glance at the very impressive feature set http://t.co/mXm766CLI2

  11. hah, check out the bugs on this page! http://t.co/2mPNbBAjDZ that's freakin' awesome - someone should get an award for that :-)

  12. 15 sick/vacation/personal days per year COMBINED? that's terrible. and this is normal in CA? I don't know if I can live like that...

  13. I had to giggle at this angry blog post by someone who has no understanding of what isset() is http://t.co/8KZfHs8I8m

  14. there may be hope still for a working/usable version of @MySQLWorkbench http://t.co/W7hqds3Ue9 - fancy UI? whatever - I just need it to WORK

  15. if you're still not using an IDE, get on it - I don't care how good you are, a good IDE with static analysis helps keep things shiny.

  16. aha, Amazon to the rescue http://t.co/eub7RmbbzI - nuts to you, iTunes.

  17. a Ruby to JavaScript compiler, capable of compiling itself into JavaScript! https://t.co/rIcuEGyvus - that's so meta :-)

  18. this just blew my mind http://t.co/oxi8kfcxYK - and it's so similar to the textbook drawings. unbelievable.

  19. damnit, my RSS notifier doesn't work for me anymore - I have started automatically closing the notifications without reading them ;-)

  20. this looks good https://t.co/R94n5gj6AM - I adore libraries that focus on one isolated problem and doesn't try to do "everything" :-)

  21. Daft Punk dubbed over old clips of Soul Train http://t.co/yP7r6au26f - HYSTERICAL! :-D

  22. is there a PHP class that provides proper server-side support for @plupload ? (not just a widget/client-side wrapper)

  23. this really is a fascinating idea http://t.co/oDF2Omi9zD - too bad it seems to be at a stand-still...

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