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  1. Hello, If my site is huge. My tree has more than 4 levels. more often I need to maintain some of the branches. Can I split my tree? Or you have a better solution? Thanks a lot!
  2. yes,thank you. I had finish book's and author's page. book: <?php echo "<h1>" . $page->title . "</h1>"; foreach($page->author as $author) { echo "<h3><a href=\"$author->url\">" . $author->title . "</a></h3>"; } ?> author: <?php echo "<h1>" . $page->title . "</h1>"; echo "<h2>books:</h2>"; $id = $page->get('id'); $results = $pages->find("author=$id, limit=20"); foreach($results as $r) { echo "<a href=\"$r->url\">$r->title</a>"; } ?> And can be linked to each other, but i just add one page-reference field: author. is it ok?
  3. How to write book's template? <?php echo "<h1>" . $page->title . "</h1>"; echo "<h3>" . $page->author . "</h3>"; ?> it just print author's id, i want print author's name and and add a link to author's page.
  4. Hello, How to add authors to your articles? ex you want to create a book library management system. Now i add a new page named authors, then add many authors in it. add a new page named books,then add many books in it. in book template, i add new field named author, and add link to the author page in the authors. Can anyone tell me how to complete it step by step?
  5. By default, pw upload image or video to local ecs space, How to change to Amazon S3 space?
  6. Hello, I follow this post to add tags Now in my template: $tags = explode(',', $page->tags); foreach ($tags as $tag) { $tag = trim($tag); echo $pages->find("tags=$tag"); } But I just display the tags ID, How to display tags page's title?
  7. Now I add a PW on my domain. It runs OK. Then I have a second demo PW running under /demo/ subdirectory. and adding these code to nginx rewrite: location /demo/ { try_files $uri $uri/ /demo/index.php?it=$uri&$args; } Then I access the subdirectory's homepage(/demo/) is OK, other page return a 404 error. But I replaced the other cms to /demo/, It's really OK. Why? How to fix these errors?
  8. I have the same problem. I got 404 page. PLS help me!
  9. Cool! Thank you, With this method, Now I can do almost anything!
  10. Hi! kongondo, Menu Builder is vety easy to use and powerful, But now I'm going to add some css3 effects to the menu. Can you add a custom tpl parameter to the list item. E.g. I want to make it <li> <a href="">item name</a></li> into <li> <a href=""><span data="item name">item name</span></a></li> The final effect is like this webpage's top menu: http://mo005-3785.mo5.line1.uemo.net/list/id/37389/
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