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  1. joelplambeck

    Oh wow, Thank you so much @elabx I could have come up with that myself. Sometimes you don't think of the easiest solution. Thanks for giving me a heads up! You have a great day!
  2. joelplambeck

    Hi everyone, I read a few things about implementing a multi-language feature of this module but I can't find anything in the module. Has anyone managed to do a multi-language setup with SEO? Also the meta tags are in the source file but Google doesn't use them. Same issue as @Roych
  3. joelplambeck

    @Tobi C. I had the same issue. After I checked the "Revoke Authentication" button in the settings of the GA-Module I finally saw the drop-down with the domains and everything is working now. Not sure what caused the problem...but hey it's working now. Awesome module @Wanze and greetings from Switzerland
  4. joelplambeck

    Thank you for your help! It works now using the web.config file from @matjazp in his post. special thanks to @kongondo for linking me to the correct topics It really is true: PW has a great, friendly and extremely helpful community!
  5. joelplambeck

    I get the exact same error (404 on subpages, index.php is working) The rules added from the support are not helping me (for the migration) in any way, they simply prove that the htacces file is working/read (somehow). To be specific: the rules are regarding the old site and simply rewrite a not existing url to an existing url */test.html to */angebot.html (from the old website/structure). But the new website built with PW has a different (more organised) structure. I hope my explanation is not too confusing
  6. joelplambeck

    The $config->httpHosts is set to the root of the customers website (with and without www.*) The logs I found do not state a request to the htaccess file... and I still don't get an error with 'asölkdfjasldfj' on first line... As if the server doesn't even care... :-( In the attachement you find logs with both version of the htaccess file (with and without the 'laksjdföadsf' error) log.txt
  7. joelplambeck

    It is in the root directory No, I'm awaiting an answer from support. But I think it is configured, as the rewrite rules are working (see attachement). $config->debug is set to true, but this is not helping as the server is displaying its own 404 Error page, hence I do not see if the config is still pointing to localhost. I tried to change the servers 404 error page to the /index.php (as in the htaccess file) but this just gave me the index.php page, no matter which link is clicked. PS: the CSS and some modules CSS are not linked properly as well, maybe this helps in finding the error .htaccess.txt
  8. Hi Guys, I'm trying to do my first migration to the customers existing server (IIS 10) . I ran the site as a subdirectory on my website for test purposes (everything works fine). Following the tutorial of Joss, I tryed the site on a local xampp server to make sure, it also works on a root directory. So far so good, everything works. Now I moved the files (from the xampp) to the customers server. The root/index page is shown but for every subpage i get 404 Errors... Hence I followed the troubleshooting guide for not working URLs: On the first sight, the .htaccess file is not recognized, therefore I contacted the host support. They said, it is recognized but not all modules are supported in the processwire .htaccess file. I did the "öalskjfdoal" test in the .htaccess file and didn't get a 500 Error.... BUT the rewrite rule from the hosts support, to proof the file is read, DID work... The support claims, they do not provide debugging... so basically the .htaccess file is recognized and working, but not throwing any errors (for whatever reason). Working rewrite rule (from support): RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^test\.asp$ index.html [NC,L] RewriteRule ^test\.html$ konzept.html [NC,L] RewriteRule ^test2\.html$ team.html [NC,L] The support said, a couple modules are not supported in the htaccess file, the supported ones are listed here: (I think mod_rewrite is supported) As I do not completely understand what exactly is happening in the htaccess file, I'm stuck. I tried all suggestions I found regarding this topic on the forum, but none of them solved the problem. .htaccess.txt
  9. joelplambeck

    thank you as well, in the end its the same as Zeka said. Thank you!
  10. joelplambeck

    well, thank you very much! Now works perfectly fine. I don't know how to close/mark "solved" this topic, if somebody could explain it to me, I could close it.
  11. joelplambeck

    No I don't think so. The code I have should display a the page header if there is one. If not it should take the title as a "backup". So the title should only be displayed if header is empty/not set. Im not entirely sure if the syntax is correct but it works for all other sites with the same template... Just the one mentioned above is a bit...moody. I assume your version displays something like "<header> | <title>" which is not what I want...
  12. Hello everyone, My Website works just fine beside the one field which behaves strangely and I can't figure out why. I have a template called "main-subpage" which I use for most subpages. All of them have a header and on every other Page it works just fine. But on the one page it displays the first few letters random and sometimes the last ones corectly, sometimes the last ones are wrong as well. What iritates me is that this is only on the one Page and all the other pages with the same template don't have that issue. The rest of the page is displayed just fine. I tried different content in the field but it doesnt seem to help anything. Code in the template: <h1> <?php echo $page->header | $page->title; ?> </h1> on the page it should display: "Das Konzept des ZiSMed" but what I see is (attachement): Thank you for your help! display.tiff
  13. joelplambeck

    Well I finally figured out my problem... I set the language on top of my document to German (Deutsch): $languages->setLanguage('deutsch'); and after that changed the names of my languages which is why it threw the errror... consider this topic as fixed/closed. I don't know how to mark the topic as "solved". Cheers
  14. joelplambeck

    Hey there, I'm very new to Processwire but allready in love! So far my experience was great but I ran into an internal server Error (500) and my error logfile logged: Error: Exception: Unknown language (in P:\xampp\htdocs\xxx\wire\modules\LanguageSupport\Languages.php line 343) (I know XAMPP is not the best developing area but for simplicity reasons I like it...) The line 343 in my Languages.php(unchanged by me) is: if(!$language instanceof Language || !$language->id) throw new WireException("Unknown language"); in the function of public function setLanguage($language) { if(is_int($language)) { $language = $this->get($language); } else if(is_string($language)) { $language = $this->get($this->wire('sanitizer')->pageNameUTF8($language)); } if(!$language instanceof Language || !$language->id) throw new WireException("Unknown language"); $user = $this->wire('user'); $this->savedLanguage2 = null; if($user->language && $user->language->id) { if($language->id == $user->language->id) return false; // no change necessary $this->savedLanguage2 = $user->language; } $user->language = $language; return true; } I have no clue what the problem is and as far as I know when I closed the website the day before everything was working just fine. I copied the whole folder to "develop" further on my laptop. The next day I got the error mentioned above when requesting the site. (On the original and the copy) Any suggestions what I should do?