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  1. Hi there, I updated an older version and now I can't login. I suspect it has to do with the .htaccess somehow, since the POST gives a 404 somehow (which reloads the /processwire url somehow - not sure how that works to be honest).

    I had it happen a couple of times in the past but never really got a grip on why and how to fix it. I could reinstall PW and import the install, possibly, but hoping for a simpler solution


  2. Hi there,

    I upgraded a site for a client to 3.0.210. It seemed to work, but if i try to edit a page i get

    Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function set() on null in wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeRepeater/FieldtypeRepeater.module:724

    I enabled debug mode, installed tracy. It worked ?! I then uninstalled tracy and removed debug mode. And it still works! What happened? Module cache something?


  3. Hi there,

    I think what would help is a very minimal setup, a demo without ajax/htmx, templating etc. In the absence of that, here is a super basic question:

    1. How do I add and remove a product to the cart purely via the API? This is for me to understand the basics. I'm imagining it would be something like

    $cart = $padloper->getCart();
    if(!$cart->addProduct(product_id)) {
      echo 'problems adding';
    if(!$cart->removeProduct(product_id)) {
      echo 'problems removing';

    tx J

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  4. I'm trying to make a minimal setup without ajax, so far I've got:

                <form method="post" class="padloper-cart-add-product flex ml-auto" action="<?= $config->urls->root ?>padloper/add/">
                    <input type='hidden' name='product_id' value='<?=$product->id?>'/>
                    <input type="submit" value="Add">
                <form method="post" class="padloper-cart-remove-product flex ml-auto" action="<?= $config->urls->root ?>padloper/remove/">
                    <input type='hidden' name='product_id' value='<?=$product->id?>'/>
                    <input type="submit" value="Remove"> <?=$product->id?>

    Add works, remove not - how come?

    Remove returns a redirect to https://domain.com/padloper/remove/?removedProduct=XXX but the cart isn't updated

    (Then, after that, lots of redirects)

    tx, J

  5. .. when looking for a solution I see 'variants' in the code but I'm not sure how to make it work. Seems to be the same as Attributes? But if i add some attributes I can't see any change in the product page (no new fields to fill, or similar)...

  6. I guess one way to do this (without an actual discount system) would be to automatically generate 3 products, one with the original price, and two with the discounts. Then instead of using the builtin 'add to cart' I'll make my own add to cart that adds the appropriate product depending if the kids are siblings or not..?

    ...actually no. That won't work because it will not keep track of the inventory.. THe workshops have limited spots (12), so inventory is really handy for helping to see if something is fully booked

  7. Hi there,

    Now that I have a functioning padloper installation I have my first real challenge. One that actually might be a bit tricky. Maybe too tricky?

    The client wants to sell workshops for kids, and give discounts for siblings, X% for the first sibling and Y% for two or more siblings. What's the best way for me to go about this?

    many thanks for your thoughts,


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