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  1. Hi all,

    I have a memory I've seen a module for this but I can't find it now: That when you save a page the name is globally unique, instead of just unique within it's siblings.

    So that if there is another "page-with-name" somewhere my new page becomes "page-with-name-1" even though it doesn't have the same parent.

    many thanks,


  2. Thanks for getting back. I don't mean this as criticism, this is only to check if it would make sens to try padloper with this particlar project I have in front of me. I'm not in a rush, if not this project there will be another one later.

    If I think about it, this is what would make me try it out (if not now then maybe some time)

    — written docs with documentation of api
    — written MVP that is easy to copy paste that contains no extra markup or code - so just the absolute minimum of HTML, like most of Ryans examples. This is especially important with the cart, since the cart is the selling point of Padloper (for me, at least, otherwise I might as well use formbuilder and it's checkout).

    I personally much prefer text documentation, since I can copy paste examples and scan the page quicker. For example FieldtypeTable has mostly video documentation and to try and find out how the selectors should look like to search a FieldtypeTable is an exercise in scrubbing back and forth in that one particular video.

    I have to think about whether I can get involved in the process, but thanks for the invitation!

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  3. Hi all,

    Is there someone here who tried to start a padloper project from scratch lately? I tried about a year ago and the docs were somewhat missing. I'm curious to hear about the experience to start from zero now. I can the see the docs are a bit more in place?

    My problem, at the time, was the examples was written with a lot of HTMX. HTMX is amazing but it's hard to read, and there was no plain non-HTMX example from what I remember. From what I remember padloper itself was returning a lot of markup, where I'd rather create all the markup myself. Not only for clarity, but to understand how it works from scratch.

    I've got another opportunity to start a webshop project and I'd love to avoid doing a shopify integration, but I'm not too keen on spending days going through existing markup like last time. So therefore I'd be curious to hear other peoples experiences.


  4. Thanks, I think I'm familiar with this. He's describing the standard processwire fields. It's not a hierarchy, rather a 3-way join. In my case I'd like to specify a "role" for each relationship "person" and "article".

    It's solvable with a Repeater, for example (a repeater with "person" and "role", for example). The problem with repeaters is that the search queries gets a bit awkward. I've run into problems with searching in repeaters in the past (having to use getForPage() and  check_access=0) so I'm a bit hesitant to use them to store anything that needs to be searched for later on. Unless repeaters have changed under the hood I suppose I will run into the same thing today if I were to look up all "articles associated with a person", for example. So I was hoping there was a better way.

    But perhaps repeaters have improved in the mean time?

    I did test the FieldtypTable just now, and it works as expected, so that's an okay solution actually



  5. Hi there,

    I'm wondering how to best go about this. I'd like to add a "person" with a "role" to an "article", like

    Josh, editor article X
    Jane author article X

    Jill editor article Y
    Jessie photographer article Y
    Joan author article Y


    What would be the best way to be able to achieve this without losing the nice, existing API way to find stuff. Like, "Find all articles where Joan is part of", or perhaps "Find all articles Joan is the author of".

    Is this possible? I can imagine using FieldTable for this, but I'm not sure how the API looks to find things afterwards.

  6. Hi all,

    I'm about to start a new project that will use footnotes and I'm wondering of the state of things now in 2023 (almost 2024). In the past I've used a repeater for footnotes and manually looked for id's in the main text to do my own insert and links. Is there a better way today?

    I found this

    but it's not clear to me if I have control over the output with this module. I would need to handle the markup myself (in this case, place the footnote in the margin and have a popup for mobile). And since I anyway have to insert a special tag [^1] then i might as well go the manual route with a repeater for more control. But maybe I'm wrong, and maybe there are other options?

    many thanks for your thoughts

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  7. Hi there,

    So I used the plugin FormBuilderMultiplier by @BitPoet. The module has been working great but I run into an issue:

    It injects the line <script type="text/javascript" src="/godzillab-stripe/site/modules/FormBuilderMultiplier/FormBuilderMultiplier.js"></script></head>

    ..on every page. That means it also appears inside my MJML export and breaks the MJML.

    In the PageMjmlToHtml i made sure to not include anything automatically, but it gets included anyway. Not sure if mr BitPoet is around, if not, then I'm wondering what the workaround (if any) might be?

    many thanks,




    Client reset the password and forgot it, but if I try to reset the password via the api as

    $users->get("name=admin")->setAndSave('pass', 'yoursupersecretpassword');

    I get the error

    Warning: Attempt to read property "id" on null in /var/www/html/wire/core/PagesEditor.php on line 346
    Warning: Attempt to read property "parentTemplates" on null in /var/www/html/wire/core/PagesEditor.php on line 347
    Warning: Attempt to read property "id" on null in /var/www/html/wire/core/PagesEditor.php on line 356
    Oye… Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function numChildren() on null in wire/core/PagesEditor.php:366

    I'm not sure how to proceed since I cant login and I cant reset the password. The install is fairly recent (less than 4 months old). I actually don't know how to see the exact version since I can't login to the backend.

    Very much would appreciate some tips on how to get into this install. Thanks you



  9. Hi there, I updated an older version and now I can't login. I suspect it has to do with the .htaccess somehow, since the POST gives a 404 somehow (which reloads the /processwire url somehow - not sure how that works to be honest).

    I had it happen a couple of times in the past but never really got a grip on why and how to fix it. I could reinstall PW and import the install, possibly, but hoping for a simpler solution


  10. Hi there,

    I upgraded a site for a client to 3.0.210. It seemed to work, but if i try to edit a page i get

    Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function set() on null in wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeRepeater/FieldtypeRepeater.module:724

    I enabled debug mode, installed tracy. It worked ?! I then uninstalled tracy and removed debug mode. And it still works! What happened? Module cache something?


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