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  1. @MarkE Correct me if I am wrong, but is the "path" a field name, or you are just needing the sorting to go by URL?

    If the path is a field that you would like to use as a selector argument, maybe you should check its values and make sure the name is correct or there are any values for the parents/children needed to be sorted.

    As to my humble experience, I've not seen any trick to use PATH as a selector.

    On another note, you might borrow the sitemap function from the default profile which already lists pages in the needed way as you've mentioned. Of course, you might need to adjust the styling and other extra functionalities needed, but you get the idea...

  2. @neonwired @Pip

    I know the thread is a bit old, however it was my turn to look for some functionality, and I've found a write-up that would seem to work or at least to be a good start for your needs and mine as well

    Not sure if I understood correctly your need, but if you need to just modify the values of Repeater fields from the frontend, I believe this would help you resolve the need ?

  3. Hello @rick. I believe it must have slipped through with you as I did mention that the need is to modify specific fields after user confirmation from the FRONTEND which is in the title of the post and mentioned in it.

    I am well aware that if the user has access to the admin area, it would be an easy task to achieve, however the project idea is to have users registering a profile or their own page with ought any direct access to the admin panel. For every login need there will be a dedicated template to be served and that is why I asked as so far I've not dealt with users that are not allowed to access PW admin and I don't have much experience with such need.

    I've seen a few amazing modules that would have done the work for me (FEEL of @tpr and a few others), however I am not sure if the modules can modify a field from the currently logged on user and not from a page. For FEEL I know that can modify the page template, however so far I've not had much success with achieving what is needed.

    Again, if the project required to have the entire user profile edited the way the user needs it, it would have been super easy to achieve with LoginRegister Pro module which I use for user identification, however some of the fields that are required to be added during registration would NOT BE ALLOWED to modify after. Not sure if there are any hooks that would prevent a specific profile field to be restricted for editing (excluding the option to tackle/hide the fields with CSS etc.)

    Btw, your puppy avatar RULLZZ ?

  4. Hello @elabx The idea to use the modal is to allow only the value of a specific field to be updated once the Save button is clicked. We won't be forwarding the user to edit his profile directly but would instead have a custom Profile template that would allow some fields to get updated. The need is to have a few fields locked for editing after the user register. All the other fields added to the user profile can be modified individually.

    The modal would have just a small form with input field and some description text which would allow the registered user to modify the current profile field value (eg. email change, password change, Internet Messengers etc.)

  5. Hello all.

    Not sure if I would be able to describe the need properly, but I am building a custom frontend for logged on users which would have its own Profile template allowing to modify just some specific fields (email, password, skype, etc.)



    To allow modifications from the custom user profile, I am using a simple MODAL that would allow the user to define the desired value for the field and then click on Save to have it populated. Normally I've used a modal with a single button, however in this scenario I need to catch the click of Save button which would then trigger the page/template field to save.

    So far I've found a few options using JavaScript to show the modal window and using the class to determine which of the buttons is saved, however I am not sure how would I populate the value of the form to the specific field once the Save button is clicked. Logically, I could open a specific URL using JavaScript including some segments /field_name/field_value/ and then point the POST action to another template that would read the segments and apply the changes, however I am not able to populate the field_name and field_value from the form to JavaScript URL.

    I might be overthinking the things, however its worth mentioning that all the registered users should not have access to the admin so I am in doubt how to achieve that.

    I was able to modify a JavaScript that might be a perfect fit for my needs, I just need to find a way to save the new field value to the user profile once the save button is clicked:

    <!-- https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39290411/disable-and-enable-textbox-for-edit-and-save-information -->
    <form name='' id='' action='' method='post'>
      <input type='text' name='txt_category' id='category' value='$category' disabled>
      <input type="button" name='edit' value='edit'>
      <input type="button" name='save' value='save'>
    <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.12.4/jquery.min.js"></script>
        $("form input[type=text]").prop("disabled",true);


    If you have a working example or a simpler approach I could use, would be greatly appreciated as always.

  6. Hello @tcnet There is abs. no rush at all for having the module fixed and besides that it was missing just a } so not a big deal to figure it out.

    I will upload the module tomorrow morning as it is getting late in my zone and keep you informed if it was just a glitch or else. My browser was Google Chrome (whichever version is the latest official).

    Thanks again for the module and prompt support of it ?

  7. Hello @tcnet

    I shall say that something strange happened with my online profile using PW Upgrades module. I got a notification that the ProcessFileManager module of @matjazp got a newer version and as I am currently testing and working on a profile, decided to upgrade the version. Strangely enough, the module crashed due to a missing closing curly bracket of the last function in filemanager.php (already reported by mistake to the other topic - again due to the confusion).

    Besides that, I had an issue with editing a PHP file where the editor did not imply correctly, and I was left with a small window showing the PHP code and overlapping with some field info.

    I would allow myself (hope you don't mind that) to rename the module to something similar but one that would allow to differentiate the two modules in case someone likes one version over the other ?

    You've already advised that have plans on reworking the module, so I will make sure to get back to its next version and verify the progress. KUDOS to the hard work and efforts.

    Btw, on the current version of the module, I've also noticed a missing image for the donations icon ?


  8. Hello @tcnet

    Hate to bring the bad news, but it seems like your module is missing an ending curly bracket and is causing an error:

    [2021-03-27 17-34-18] ParseError: Unclosed '{' on line 2005 in /home/../site/modules/ProcessFileManager-master/filemanager.php:2019

    I had to modify filemanager.php to properly terminate the function fm_show_footer()

       * Show page footer
      function fm_show_footer() {
    function newfolder(p){var n=prompt('New folder name','folder');if(n!==null&&n!==''){window.location.search='p='+encodeURIComponent(p)+'&newfolder='+encodeURIComponent(n);}}
    function newfile(p){var n=prompt('New file name','file');if(n!==null&&n!==''){window.location.search='p='+encodeURIComponent(p)+'&newfile='+encodeURIComponent(n);}}
    function rename(p,f){var n=prompt('New name',f);if(n!==null&&n!==''&&n!=f){window.location.search='p='+encodeURIComponent(p)+'&ren='+encodeURIComponent(f)+'&to='+encodeURIComponent(n);}}
    function change_checkboxes(l,v){for(var i=l.length-1;i>=0;i--){l[i].checked=(typeof v==='boolean')?v:!l[i].checked;}}
    function get_checkboxes(){var i=document.getElementsByName('file[]'),a=[];for(var j=i.length-1;j>=0;j--){if(i[j].type='checkbox'){a.push(i[j]);}}return a;}
    function select_all(){var l=get_checkboxes();change_checkboxes(l,true);}
    function unselect_all(){var l=get_checkboxes();change_checkboxes(l,false);}
    function invert_all(){var l=get_checkboxes();change_checkboxes(l);}
    function checkbox_toggle(){var l=get_checkboxes();l.push(this);change_checkboxes(l);}
    <?php } ?>


    Once I did that, the module was able to load correctly so that I can test it. For everyone who might have used the original version of the module, if your module is not opening correctly after an upgrade, make sure to uninstall any previous versions and proceed with a clean install. For me the newer version came as an upgrade, however it did not work correctly, so I uninstalled the version, applied the filemanager.php modification and Voila ?

  9. @daniel_puehringer as Sergio already mentioned, I have a common practice to create a page I call "Settings" which I do not publish or allow for search results to list.

    In that page I generally attach any fields that I consider global for the entire website (phone numbers, address, emails etc.) For the Settings page to work, I am creating a template without an actual file which I also call Settings to allow me to faster orient what is what and assign it to the Settings page.

    It works a bit like WordPress or any other platform where you have a main Theme Admin which is basically used for global configuration. Should you prefer to make the config page more user-friendly, feel free to separate the configuration to tabs (e.g. Home, Contact US, About us etc.) in which you would attach fields that are specific to that page.

    The beauty of ProcessWire (and its force of course) is that it allows you super easily and quickly to organize every aspect in one way or another that you see fit best for the purpose.

  10. Hello all.

    I decided to try PrivacyWire as had a request for one of my friends websites. So I proceeded to install and configure the module as needed, however I am stuck at how would the cookie consent appear on Home page (banner is not showing automatically). Can someone point me what am I missing as I checked 3 times the configs and did not find a markup to insert or a template to point to in the admin?

  11. Hello @bernhard My only suggestion would be to add to the readme to not forget to copy webfonts folder as well. I have tested the module on a working profile that has been set to use FAv4. I must say that it allows me to combine both and have a slow transitioning if I have to move to FAv5 vonoletely. Or eventually extend the variety of icons if the project requires it ?

  12. Hello @bernhard

    Thank you for your module. I decided to give it a try for an existing project that would like to switch to v5. So I uploaded the /css and /media folders of the free version and set the path to be correctly pointing to the corresponding files.

    After creating a field and assigning it to a template, I was able to search for the new icons version, but they did not appear correctly.

    After a bit of testing, I was able to restore the proper functionality by copying the /webfonts folder besides the css and media

    Just mentioning it in case someone else stumbles upon the same issue. Not sure if it is because the profile already is loading some libraries of FA4 but I just made it work so am quite happy to use it ?

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  13. @ukyo Well I did follow all the steps to the last one before writing the message.

    What I did so far to try to recover the issue:

    1. Clear the /site/assets/cache (entire folder)

    2. Remove the module completely and applying a Module refresh to make sure no traces are left (also made sure there are no leftovers as .FieldType / .Markup..

    3. Installed the module using the link that @LAPS confirmed is working for him (-new version)

    So far the only thing I could do to restore my admin access is either to rename the fieldtype adding dot before the name or changing the class name from MarkupFontIconPickerTest, however I doubt that this would work properly...

  14. Hello again @LAPS & @ukyo . I just tested the module with the -new version you've shared and am still seeing the same error:

    Compile Error:     Cannot declare class MarkupFontIconPicker, because the name is already in use (line 10 of C:\domains\mywebsite.com\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\modules\FieldtypeFontIconPicker-next\MarkupFontIconPicker.module)  

    Could you please advise which version should I be using in order to have the name error resolved?

  15. Sorry for the delay of my response @ukyo as I was away from my computer taking care of some bizarre health issues. I can tell it is a bit too late, however for the purpose of the knowledge my LAB Server is running Windows Server 2019 with local Apache 2.4, PHP 7.3 and MySQL 8.0 x64

    Will test the module to see if the issue is going to get resolved, however I have no doubt that it would after reading @LAPS happy note about that ? Thanks from me for the great module and the efforts of fixing the issue.

  16. As I was looking as well for a cache clearing solution through the admin and did not find one I just found out about PWGeeks from PW news letter. It seems very nice to have a global list of existing modules, however not everyone would still be aware from the community about the tool, so we might see similar modules being developed based on the customer/developers needs.

    I will give a try to both cache clearing modules (if I may generalize the two) and see which one is suiting me more. At least some feedback can be shared.

    Thanks @MoritzLost for the new module. It is the play time now ?

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  17. @dragan thank you for the info and the eventual write up (if time permits for sure). @Robin S I've been reading your information this afternoon and will test the implementation to see how it goes. I am sure there would be tons of approaches and I have no doubt that the easiest would be to use @kongondo's module but let's test everything and see for such a simple implementation which one would fit the purpose.

  18. Hey @elabx I did find this module from @kongondo and have no doubt that it would do the job perfectly. The reason not yet to purchase it is because I am just trying to weight every option and see which one fits the best. Quite honestly, I would love to purchase all the premium modules from the PW-guru-gang as this would be just a tiny payout for the flawless and completely free support we've all received throughout the years, but presently I am on a bit tight budget so that would have to wait. I am definitely purchasing the FormBuilder and Dynamic Select as I see them fit in almost every project...

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  19. For sure one approach would be to have the first level categories as parents and then sub-categories as children, however some services might be offered for multiple parent-level pages, so it would cause a page repetition. Besides that, if a re-structuring is needed, it would be fun to move 30-40 pages from one parent to another.

    P.S. I found this topic and would see how would that go but still need the pro's opinion what is the best and easiest approach

  20. Hey gents,

    I am working on a tech services profile and I got a bit stuck on choosing the optimal approach to provide two drop-down selection fields where the options for the second would depend on the choice of the first. Here are some sample categories to get the idea better:-


       - Installation
       - Update
       - Optimization

    - Linux
       - Kernel config
       - Desktop environment
       - LAMP

    - Mac
       - MAMP
       - MacOS Update
       - App Store Config

    - Networking
       - Router 
       - Switch
       - Wi-Fi

    The needed functionality is to allow the admin to select from first drop-down a choice in between Windows, Linux, Mac, Networking and based on their choice to have the second list of options populated with the sub-choices for the specific top "category" ONLY. I know I could add two select fields and add the options there, however I am not sure/aware how to interlink those so the admin can't select for example category Networking and subcategory Router.

    I might have been overlooking the things as I've checked even the functionality of ProFields, however so far I was unable to find the elegant solution for two fields with values dependable on selection.

    Any ideas or suggestions how to approach this?

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