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  1. Coming from modx my self, I think I know the feeling. However, I think

    also their meetings with demonstrations in different countries and their

    ambassador program could also work for processwire.

    maybe. but it should grow by itself (grasswroots). "ambassador" ...*shudder*

    all modx managed to do, was to alienate the community, surround itself with cheerleaders and throw around with empty buzzwords. IMO, I feel that processwire got the right energy and momentum anyway. no need to force/push harder

    rather focus on making the product even better.

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  2. Ryan, thanks for your reply!

    You might also want to look at a solution like http://responsive-images.com ... As a result, the browser is actually loading both large and thumbnail images and swapping in one or the other.

    i'm a bit confused, because he actually says on his website:

    Why? Because your site is being increasingly viewed on smaller, slower, low bandwidth devices. Your desktop-centric images load slowly, cause UI lag, and cost your visitors un-necessary bandwidth and money.
    do you know in what way bandwidth is actually saved with his approach?

    thanks, jan

  3. Hi Ryan,

    well, haven't built a responsive site so far, only read a couple of articles, so i'm not too savey on that topic:)

    Commonly i would predefine (or tell the client) to only use 2 sizes of images to be inserted in the content, because many different sized images would look odd, i think.

    i assume loading time would definitely benefit, if you only need to load the small version of an image for the mobile site.

    thanks, jan

  4. Hi everybody :)

    nice to see the project getting so much momentum!

    not sure if it's already on the roadmap, but just in case it isn't, i would like to add an alternative option of managing a large amount of documets other than via document-tree.

    from the official roadmap:

    Customizable page "channel" view, in addition to the sitemap view currently in ProcessWire (Admin > Pages). This will enable browsing, viewing, editing of pages outside their parent/child structure. For instance, this view can match specific properties like having the same template, modified within the last day, or anything that you can match with a selector.

    i'm currently a MODx user, and for a certain type of post's (news/blog) i find the document-tree view rather cumbersome. the approach was once picked up by community members, but i think it's stalled atm (crude example): http://imgur.com/a/EvSpL

    what do you guys think?

    cheers, jan

    *edit* i mean as an option for a certain part of the document-tree, not in general

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