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  1. Hi all!

    First of all, it's now been two weeks since i discovered ProcessWire by searching for "content management framework" and finding a Wikipedia article. The article mentioned both Joomla and Drupal - and other CMS/CMF-systems I have worked with before. I had never heard of ProcessWire, and gave it a try. Wow! It's really amazing! I saw the video on the front page, and I decided that ProcessWire just had to be the system I needed for this new page I'm working on.

    So, why am I posting? I've been working for the last two weeks (part time), and I've all the requirements for the page - except one. It's an internal website for our company (or, to be precise; it's for one of the regional offices for a global company), and we want our employees to be able to register how far they walk/bicycle/run to work. I'm really unsure how to set this up in ProcessWire, and I'm pretty sure I have to do this with some manual PHP/SQL code instead.

    So, the users on this system needs to:

    • Register a date when they have been working, and how far they have travelled to and from work
    • Preferably also register multiple dates, or a range of dates, when they have been travelling to and from work - together with the distance travelled
    • Admins may select a date range and view sorted tables of travelled distance per employee
    • Users may check their own records, and maybe compare themselves to others
    • Users may check their total distance travelled
    • Users may check their latest registered date

    Gurus, what do you recommend? What is the best way to do this in ProcessWire? Should I just set this up with separate scripts and not use fields in ProcessWire for this at all? (I know PHP and SQL, so it's not a problem - I just want to do it with the help of the framework if possible.)

    Thanks a lot in advance! :-)

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