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  1. New #iPad mini looks like a piece of junk. Slower processor, crappy display, oh boy can i get one? #illstickwithmyretinaipad #apple

  2. My six year old daughters #zombie drawing. "brains" "I'm not afraid of you" http://t.co/0tAAV6tn

  3. What to Look for in a #CMS from an End-User Perspective http://t.co/QG8z15uj Contributor Carma Leichty shares her thoughts...

  4. Shame on @SamsungCanada for the school Eco challenge in #yeg for not coming to pick up the E-Waste. Moms are now hauling it to clear a gym!

  5. Behold The Best Samsung Galaxy Note Sales Pitch You've Ever Seen http://t.co/7VMLhHjo via @techcrunch

  6. Original costumes for C3PO and R2D2 from the @swidentities exhibit here in #yeg #starwars http://t.co/A5cmwOPG

  7. Edmonton’s Karlynn Johnston whips up a ghostly Halloween pie http://t.co/ZHAZX2HG via @edmontonjournal <-thats my girl!

  8. My amazing wife's (@kitchenmagpie) full feature in today's @edmontonjournal. #proudhusband #yeg #yegfood http://t.co/IKGDmpig

  9. Preview of the Features in Hannon Hill’s Upcoming Cascade Server 7.2 http://t.co/t7tycTUS @hannonhill #cascade #cms #ecm

  10. My lovely wife @kitchenmagpie is judging this year's Chili Cook-Off downtown Edmonton (#yeg). Pop by for a visit 11:30-1:30 #yegfood #rcr12

  11. Only 9 days left to vote for your favs in the Critic's Choice #CMS #Awards http://t.co/S65HbwQm - Get your votes in before its too late!

  12. #ff @kitchenmagpie (my wife, so follow her!), @cmsexpo (the man!), @logitech (awesome products!) and @blackberry (bb10 sounds wicked!)

  13. Having a blast at the opening of @creoleenvie 's new restaurant at 112 ave in #yeg #yegfood

  14. Only a week left to vote before the polls close and we pick People's Choice and Critic's Choice #CMS #Awards http://t.co/S65HbwQm

  15. The final week is here. Get your votes in now or forever hold your peace! http://t.co/S65HbwQm #CMS #Awards

  16. We have a sale on text links on our site. Contact me for details if you are in the market. #textlinks #ads #advertising #marketing

  17. The Best Buttercream Icing Recipe: FAQ: http://t.co/vjTPzyfd

  18. Sitecore Gives Marketers and Developers Advanced Tools to Target Campaigns and Segment Audiences Across Digital … http://t.co/ozZ4ziNO #wcm

  19. I use my @Surface on the airplane for movies, reading and passing the time. http://t.co/CSWLRnxc via @pinterest

  20. 60 Second #CMS, V2.4 gives more power to resellers http://t.co/UPHR1JKx #wcm @60secCMS

  21. Critic's Choice #CMS #Awards http://t.co/lf5poXyg - updated with new winner announcements

  22. Will be meeting with MediaShaker today to discuss their #CMS and business. They are in Edmonton (#YEG) where we are based out of! @shoutcms

  23. HP Purchase of Autonomy Was Not Such a Good Idea http://t.co/R91GsRjS

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