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  1. @bernhard I’m circling back on this issue. Visit the URL you provided throws the same error. It happens when my client uses the Edit > Paste feature from within TinyMCE. If you use the paste shortcut (control + v), there is no issue and paste functions normally. It’s only when using the built-in paste. And the article I mentioned previously doesn't really help. It requires an extension to be installed in the browser but even then the error happened.
  2. @bernhard Thank you my man. I will try that tomorrow. Peace and best wishes on your new year. Note that I updated my previous message.
  3. @ryan or anyone else, I have a project I’m using the most current development version on (3.0.209). In a quick run-through of the CMS in her presence, when she copied from Microsoft Word into the new TinyMCE field, both browsers (Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome) would not allow the pasting of what was in the clipboard. The error read approximately: “Your browser’s security doesn’t allow pasting from the clipboard.” It does it on both browsers. Is there a setting I need to adjust for TinyMCE? Pretty much all my settings for that module are default. It seems like it’s an operating-system level issue because both browsers are affected but I could be wrong. Pretty weird. [UPDATE] It’s an OS issue. Here’s the relevant article which I still need to try: https://windowsreport.com/browser-doesnt-allow-clipboard-access/
  4. I’m actually offended that it left out the one key attribute: “…, and good looking.”
  5. @Robin S amazing addition. The half stars is much appreciated too. Have a great weekend! Question: Are we able to use this module to read said field too, or is it simply for capturing a star rating?
  6. Just being able to specify styles right within settings is a monster feature alone. My goodness that is sweet. Thanks for your hard work on this. And the post is excellent. I love your clear and thorough writing.
  7. I would love this. Especially if it took a micro approach. Tackle a basic task and teach us how to approach it. Start like we’re just new to PW. I bet there are a lot of Wordpress users that would appreciate this.
  8. @Violet your comment is very much appreciated. As is your enthusiasm. I’d never considered the sticky bar advantage but your example makes perfect sense.
  9. @ryan auto-reload and limit-save are incredible features. I never thought to buy ProDevTools but will do so for my next project because those two additions are great. Thank you.
  10. @nbcommunication Ah, that makes sense now. Appreciate the clarification.
  11. @nbcommunication Don’t you mean it would terminate at 1024? That’s the next stop down from the 2000 original width.
  12. @ryan, this is awesome. Question: Can invoices be viewed within the body of the recipient’s email while also attaching a copy as a PDF? And I take it that receipts would all be handled through Stripe if and when you implement that payment method?
  13. @kixe Thank you! I would like to try it this weekend. However, the repo link isn’t working. And I checked your repos and don’t see it listed.
  14. You are amazing @ryan. The file previews are gonna be huge for me. The mini app I built with FormBuilder could have really benefitted from it. Not having a preview made it a little ambiguous as to whether the file has been uploaded. I’m getting ready to start another mini app and this will be awesome. Thank you and hoping we can see that in FormBuilder in the next few weeks.
  15. Does your .htaccess code allow whatever is outside of the PW folder to exist without touching PW? I have a small site that’s already built and its static. I want visits to continue to those pages. But I’d like to use FormBuilder for questionnaires but I want those to live _just_ within the PW directory. I would install PW in a subdirectory of public_html. This code seems to imply if it’s not a request to my PW subfolder, that the visits will continue on as if PW didn't exist? RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/yoursubfolder/
  16. This is amazing. Excuse me for not reading thoroughly but does this allow building on-the-fly pages from PW fields? If so, the layout functionality is basically for creating the initial page structure as well as one-up pages?
  17. Whoa! Then I have to look into this. Thank you! FYI: That restaurant site is nice.
  18. @adrian Amazing. That worked perfectly. The fields were selectable and I was able to update my entries as a result. Thanks much!
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