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  1. @gragan Ah, you are correct, the custom template for the sitemap.xml file is only displayed when I'm logged into PW. Good catch!

    Sitemaps can support images to help them appear in Google Image search results:

    Yes, maybe I should have searched for the module support thread instead of clicking on the broken link directly from the module itself:

  2. I'm using the Markup Sitemap XML module to automatically generate a sitemap.xml file, and a custom template to add markup for images and exclude specific page templates.

    I discovered that when I view the sitemap.xml in Chrome, it looks as how it was intended based on my custom template. But in Safari, the custom template is ignored and the sitemap.xml file that is generated is the equivalent of not using the custom template at all. In fact, when I delete the custom template from the server, both Safari and Chrome display the same sitemap.xml content.

    My sitemap.xml file validates, so I'm confident that there isn't anything in my code that is causing the issue. Unfortunately, my submitted sitemap through Google Search Console is picking up the incorrect Safari version and generating errors for pages that aren't publicly viewable on the site.

    Here is the url to the sitemap file:

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? I'm not sure if there is a fix unless it is in the module itself.


  3. @Soma

    I noticed that in the 1.3.6 version of your module that if a field name includes an underscore, the portion after the underscore is removed, which sometimes makes the link to the field incorrect.

    For example, if I have a field named "images_repeater" then the field will instead display as "images".

    This module has helped save me countless hours over the years. Thank you for providing it to the ProcessWire community.

  4. A client of mine is using Network Solutions for their hosting company. I've uploaded a ProcessWire site to their server, but I'm getting a 200 OK error at the bottom of each page in the public site and in PW. Also, the page tree will not load in PW, but I am am able to navigate to any page in the Setup menu.

    If I uncomment the following lines in the .htaccess file, the 200 OK errors go away, but the PW admin still can't load the page tree.

      # RewriteBase /
      # RewriteBase /pw/
      # RewriteBase /~user/

    Does anyone have any experience with getting PW to run on Network Solutions? The hosting plan meets all of PW's requirements.

  5. I've built a site that uses parent pages as the "container" for child pages:

    Parent page [page.php]
    -- Child page [unit-child-a.php]
    -- Child page [unit-child-b.php]
    ---- Grandchild page [subunit-grandchild-a.php]
    ---- Grandchild page [subunit-grandchild-b.php]
    -- Child page [unit-child-c.php]

    The child pages are displayed as content on the corresponding parent page using the render method. Some child pages also include their own child pages. (Internally the child page template names start with "unit-" and the grandchild page template names start with "subunit-".)


    foreach ($page->children("template=template-name,sort=sort") as $child) echo $child->render();

    This approach allows content administrators to add and reorder child pages as necessary, but I've come across an issue that I'm not sure how to address.

    The site includes search functionality, but when a visitor searches for content and it is found in a child or grandchild page, the Parent page should be the one that is displayed in the search results, since the child and grandchild pages are not directly viewable. Since some searches could include more than one child or grandchild page of a parent page, this sometimes means that a parent page could be included more than once.

    How do I easily redirect the child and grandchild pages to the parent page, and only include the parent page once in the search results?


  6. Ryan,

    Thanks again for making Login/Register/Profile available. It looks like it will serve 99% of my needs with one exception.

    What are the chances that the Login/Register/Profile module will support images soon? I've been playing with the module and want to use it on a community project that I've had in mind for a while, but just noticed your disclaimer:

    "You should stick to using simple text-based fields for now. File/image fields, repeaters, rich text editors and combination fields fields are not supported on the front-end at present."

    I'm willing to be a guinea pig for testing if that helps facilitate the functionality.

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  7. I have to agree that I don't think this module needs to be part of core. But I do think that it needs to remain in active development, even if that means it becomes a Pro module.

    Modules like ListerPro (which I love and use all of the time) bring value to a project, but they aren't necessarily defined as a project requirement by the client. However, if a project requires the functionality of Login/Register/Profile, this module may mean the difference of a client agreeing to use ProcessWire over another CMS. To me, that's a game changer, and is why it has been on my wishlist for some time.

    I've already started using it for a community project that I've wanted to build, although I'm hoping that it will play nicely with images very soon.

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  8. First, let me say that I've been looking forward to a module like Login/Register/Profile. I think a module like this one helps to bring another category of projects to ProcessWire that otherwise would have been developed in another CMS.

    I've been playing with the module over the weekend and discovered the following:

    • Opening "Fieldset in Tab" fields display as an option in the module's "Profile form fields" setting. Ending "Fieldset in Tab" fields display with the label "Close an open fieldset". I'm going to assume that "Fieldset in Tab" fields should not display as an option.
    • If an image is added via the "Profile form fields" setting, the default display of that image on the public side displays the Edit functionality for the image. Can this be turned off?
    • If an image's settings restrict the image's dimensions, the image does not display appropriate errors if a larger or smaller image is uploaded. I feel that images need to work well with this module since profiles on most services these days include an option for a profile image.

    Thank you for making this available!

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  9. I'm working on a site that has both a "Blog" and a "News" section.

    I'd like to be able to use the same "Post" template for child pages of each of these sections.

    The catch is that the "Post" template needs to include a Page Reference field that should display categories specific to "Blog" posts -or- specific to "News" posts. In other words, the categories for these two sections are different.

    What is the best approach in displaying a "Categories" field on the "Post" template that would display the appropriate categories based on if the post is located in the "Blog" or the "News" section?


    Page tree looks like this:

                    Blog Post 1 (Categories field should only reference blog categories)
                    Blog Post 2
                    Blog Post 3
                    Blog Category 1
                    Blog Category 2
                    Blog Category 3
                    News Post 1 (Categories field should only reference news categories)
                    News Post 2
                    News Post 3
                    News Category 1
                    News Category 2
                    News Category 3

  10. I am using a "Page Reference" field to assign tags to products. The "Page Reference" field uses an input field type of "AsmSelect". In the "Settings specific to 'asmSelect'" section, the "Default value" is empty. However, there are four tags automatically added when I create a new product page. Every new product includes these same four tags. I'm using PW 3.0.62. Can someone confirm if this is a bug in this version? If it is, I need to let my client know that it will be fixed in an upcoming release. Or is something else at play here?

    Exported "tags" field is below:

        "tags": {
            "id": 257,
            "type": "FieldtypePage",
            "flags": 0,
            "name": "tags",
            "label": "Tags",
            "derefAsPage": 0,
            "inputfield": "InputfieldAsmSelect",
            "parent_id": "/tags/",
            "template_id": "tag",
            "labelFieldName": "title",
            "collapsed": 0,
            "usePageEdit": 1,
            "icon": "tags",
            "allowUnpub": "",
            "defaultValue": "",
            "template_ids": "",
            "findPagesSelect": "",
            "findPagesSelector": "",
            "labelFieldFormat": "",
            "addable": "",
            "showIf": "",
            "columnWidth": 100,
            "required": "",
            "requiredIf": ""


  11. I've created a Page field that uses a custom hook (included in /site/read.php) that lists all users with a role of client.

    $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) {
        if($event->object->name == 'client') {
            $event->return = $event->pages->find('template=user,roles=client');

    When I log in as the superuser, the list of users displays correctly. However, when I log in using an admin role that I created, the list is empty. I've given full permissions to the "admin" role.

    Why can't the admin role see the list of users?

    The ultimate goal is to create a user with a client role, then assign the user to a specific page in the site using the Page field.

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