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  1. It has nothing "direct" to do with ProcessWire. You never see it before, because a 404 (page not found) should hit relative rare from a user visit on your Website. Here it was a bot (or a script from someone) who visit your site and tried to find a leak in WordPress and other common Web-Apps. It stopped because the bot/script was finish "scanning".
  2. A Bot tried to access your - not having - WordPress installation. Most likely to hack it in. The 404 message in the admin should come from a 3rd-party module. In a standard ProcessWire installation, you don't get this error "bomb". It even tried some Plugins... so it is a attack. If a bot or a script kid is hard to tell for me.
  3. After 4 years, it should be okay in my opinion. All my E-Commerce are on 8.x. I personal see no reason for 7.4. Since SnipCart self is again awake in developing, maybe a major version bump on the module side for a chance to cut old branches?
  4. yep. You set the header of the return package. The next line is from my snippet...
  5. This is how i do it: // Return a valid status code such as 200 OK. header('HTTP/1.1 200 OK'); // By most Webhooks,i also want to give a json return header('Content-Type: application/json');
  6. @csaggo.com I personally add the three classes in my frontend css on every processwire project. The rules are also for the old editor. .align_left { text-align: left; } .align_center { text-align: center; } .align_right { text-align: right; } When i know, there will be a conflict with other align rules, i set also !important. For uikit, you can add this rule in the site.scss, like here explained: https://getuikit.com/docs/sass#how-to-build the "// 1. Your custom variables and variable overwrites." section in the example code.
  7. Hi Ryan, as i read the first lines, i thought it would be a nice add-on for FormBuilder. Special in Combination with Page Break on larger Forms. Why it stick for you better in ProDevTools instead?
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