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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I wish to display a gallery of images from multiple pages on the site.  These images have custom fields created through page reference called 'furniture_list_type'.  Each image now has a radio button which has been selected.

    In  the example code below all images appear from the "gallery20", however the selector  "gallery20.furniture_list_type=3390" does not have any effect.  "3390" is the id of the page reference "chair" selected through the page reference.  I wish only images selected as chair to show.

    Hope someone can help with this.






    $imagePages = $pages->find("template=makers-child, gallery20.furniture_list_type=3390") ;  
    foreach($imagePages as $p) {
        echo "<ul>";
        foreach($p->gallery20 as $image) {
            echo "<li><img src='{$image->url}'>{$image->furniture_list_type}</li>";
        echo "</ul>";
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