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  1. RT @artbytesslyn: I had a hard time leaving my childhood home, so I wanted to make a tribute to it. #illustration #animation #artistsontwit…

  2. @ChevroletCanada Is HTML even a programming language?

  3. RT @BlvckGrip: are you http because ://

  4. RT @catesish: Unmute this, then have a chill Friday. https://t.co/P8DgXcq06b

  5. RT @vineyille: "Hey what's today's date?" Neil deGrasse Tyson: You mean on the cosmic calendar? "No Neil, not on the goddamn cosmic calenda…

  6. I don't do the new years resolutions but I think I'm gonna do it for 2017... i'm pretty pumped. Here's my first one: - Have goals & dreams

  7. RT @TheCritninja: Calgary is full of C.A.V.E. people - Citizens Against Virtually Everything. #yyccc

  8. lol is this real life https://t.co/9GUqDKG2Of

  9. Why doesn't the iPhone 7 have wireless charging yet?

  10. RT @PeachCoffin: Tfw you do so many kegels that your vag becomes an event horizon and swallows the rest of you and you vanish into the unfo…

  11. Especially after my PR squat this morning.

  12. Eventually these religious folks are gonna hafta get with the times. https://t.co/PQc5v3lJjo

  13. RT @CalgaryRage: Represent your RAGE with pride! Here is our online store ready to take your orders now!... https://t.co/XHDX9rtiAA

  14. I don't usually post a lot of code humour but this is alright. https://t.co/FLfTUoev5P

  15. Well I guess it's a life of sadness and failure for me then. https://t.co/lqXrQ2Iak7

  16. @femsplain ??? (I adopted a kitty)

  17. Ti-Cats you're killing it today

  18. "Bryan Burnham turns on the after burners" nice

  19. From my mom today outta the blue #PokemonGo https://t.co/BlMPFkgbap

  20. @GoDaddyHelp I'm having FTP issues with the connection timing out. Is this getting fixed? thanks

  21. RT @KalvinMacleod: INTERVIEWER: can you give me an example where you were helpful to a coworker? ME: I cannot

  22. RT @nrrrdcore: tfw you discover your self-worth https://t.co/MrdJOuLfwU

  23. RT @randomriotfan: GAME DAY! Women's Nationals! Come watch live at Mosaic Stadium! ABvsQC 4PM & NBvsSK 7:30PM. I'll be live tweeting from…

  24. RT @bitchwhocodes: Struggle doesn't make you weak. It doesn't make you incapable. It keeps you real. It makes you strong. Struggle is a sig…

  25. RT @sixthformpoet: It's so ridiculous that bees just wander into your house like it's nothing, then behave like idiots when you put your fa…

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