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  1. Thank you Ryan for your instruction. It deliverd me the solution for the problem.

    It pointed out that there was an Apache error 406, due to my hosting providers settings. The mentioned Ajax errors were non visible in Chrome Developer Tools (all the way logical, because there are no real Jquery errors, although the console in IE shows them, but that should be incorrect).

    I found the solution for the Apache error 406 here: https://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/apache-mod-security-update-how-to-fix-error-406-or-not-acceptable-issue-259

    Coding solution 1 in my .htaccess file resolved all problems with uploading files or images:

    <IfModule mod_security.c>

    SecFilterEngine Off

    SecFilterScanPOST Off


    I am very very happy, and can go on with processwire.

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  2. Same problem with me. Everything with uploding images or files is working flawlessly on mij local xampp server. I could get it partly working on my live shared hosting provider (with by the way by years never have given me any problems when trying out lot of CMS/CMF applications) with version 2.5 after the solution mentioned above at Alanp. Since version 2.6 even that is no longer working. The strange thing is that i get, just like Beate, js errors, with is not happening on mij local site. All the Apache en PHP requirements are fulfilled on both servers. The only difference: local server PHP 5.63, hosted server PHP 5.3.29. 

    I can't figure out why I get javascripterrors when something is different in the PHP version.

    Very pity, because I love the clearness of the PW system, wich is now nut usable for me. 

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